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1/10 Tamiya TT01E On-Road R/C Cars

If you want to try you hand at on-road touring cars, I can recommend the 1/10 Tamiya TT01 Type E kits. These are 4wd and powered by standard 540 mabuchi motors.

RC Cars Tamiya TT01 Entry Level On Road Touring

Out of the box, the kit is surprisingly pretty good. In the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup finals, the kids running TT01s with kit motors and minimal hop ups were turning 13.5sec laptimes. As comparison, the fastest class, the more expensive 4WD GT cars with powerful 12T brushless motors, LiFe battery packs and high grip tires driven by expert drivers were turning 11.5sec laptimes. The TT01E were only 2 seconds per lap slower.

RC Cars Tamiya TT01 Models 2011

There are many realistic and licensed rc body styles to choose from. My 10 year old daughter competed and won the concours (body beauty contest) and came 3rd overall in the Tamiya Jr. Stock class using a TT01E with a Subaru Cusco body and Hello Kitty stickers.

RC Cars Tamiya TT01E Hello Kitty

Photo: Porsha's Tamiya TT01E Hello Kitty radio control car in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup finals.

Being shaft driven, the TT01 is well suited for bumpy and pebbly parking lots. There are lot's of hop-up parts for this model, but I recommend just buying a ball bearing set and oil filled shock absorbers. If you later desire more performance, I recommend the Tamiya TA06 or TRF 417X.

Where to Buy Tamiya TT01

Here are the steps:

  1. Find a Tamiya distributor nearest your area.
  2. If you want to shop online, try the online rc store. Listed are some shops to get you started.

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