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Fully Equipped with Spare Parts

"There is a great variety of spare parts in stock for all Tamiya R/C cars and vehicles. Bodies, tires, chassis, motors, bearings, speed controllers and much more." - Tamiya

R/C Cars Spare Parts Guide

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"Tamiya's R/C guide book, annual catalog and leaflets provide a list of all parts available for all vehicles and is cross referenced for compatibility from one vehicle to another. It is easy to use. Keep it handy for the next time you need parts!"

  1. Replacement of the broken parts makes it almost new again!
  2. A variety of parts and accessories are prodcued for Tamiya's R/C cars, making it easy to maintain them.
  3. You can improve the performance of you car by using upgraded parts.
  4. Change tires according to the condition of the road surface.
  5. Before purchasing parts, make sure they will fit your vehicle.
  6. Some car bodies can also be used on different chassis.

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