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Rex-X Car Review

By Rick Penlington

I've not been involved in the world of RC cars for long - just over a year.

My first car was (is) a Kyosho Ultima EB, bought at the same time as a friend bought a matching one. It is aptly named 'Punisher'. My second car is a GV Rex-X with a Force 21 engine. Currently it is nameless, other than Rex.

Rex and Punisher

In hindsight, going electric first was a good decision. It gave me the
opportunity to learn how to properly control the car in an off-road
environment, and we have had some really good track battles running
almost identical cars. We've even built our own off-road track out in
the bush.


First upgrade was to get an ESC. Then I experimented a lot with
different motors - 15x2, 15x3, 27 stock, 13x2 - with varying pinion
gears. At the end of the day, they all perform well (even the one that
only lasted three outings before burning out), just with different
characteristics. The car has had massive amounts of abuse, and suffered
some breakages. I've only been through one chassis, as I strengthened
the replacement one with a thin aluminium plate, as the rear swing arm
bolts ripped the side of the mounting plate from the torque of some of
the motors I was using (and crashes, no doubt!). I also strengthened up
the front end by drilling out the steering pivots and inserting some
screws, and also dropping in in some 25mm bolts to stiffen the front 

Replaced the front steering arms with Titanium rods, and haven't had
anything break since. See pictures attached.

A year of playing around with the Kyosho gave me a hunger for something
noisier and faster. Time to look into Nitro...

The Rex-X 4wd is sold as a 95% pre-built kit here in Australia. I
replaced the steering servo with a heavy duty one at the time of
purchase, and splashed out on a good quality radio controller and
failsafe. The steering servo is a massive improvement on the stock

After eagerly running in the motor, it was time to play. Off to the
local track, only to find it had been leveled for rebuilding. Damn!
So for a while I had to resort to our bush track, which unfortunately 
is quite a distance from home, so it only got used every second or third

I've only had the car since Xmas 2003, and it's now gotten to a point
where it is becoming temperamental. It will start cold, but after 2 or 
3 minutes it will stall and is impossible to restart. After spending
several weekends trying to tune it correctly myself, it is now booked
into the shop this week for more professional attention. It's either a
fuel or mix problem, or somehow I've lost compression. Time will tell.
But when it was going, it is so much fun to drive. It can really get
some big air on tabletops, and lands so gracefully (usually). Unlike 
the electric, which likes to nosedive unless you get the takeoff just 

And it pulls off 4 wheel drifts around corners solo sweetly...

I haven't joined the local club yet, it is about time I think. Time to
get into some light-hearted racing action.

Overall I am happy with the Rex-X. Reading online newsgroups, I
appreciate that I am going through similar tuning issues to many other
'newbies' to Nitro. The electric car is still great fun (and reliable),
but it seems to have lost a little of it's impact. Don't know why...!
When I go racing, I take both cars. The electric is good fun to play
with while racing the Nitro, and vice versa.

This is one hobby I highly recommend anyone to get into, young or old.

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