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RC Cars by Robert Roundy


RC Cars by Robert Roundy

Hi Joel,

First let me start by saying awesome job on your site.. Well I also am 
one who has been around RC for quite some time since the early 80’s. My 
first purchase went something like this. A good friend Dave, that I met in 
school back in 82 had just gotten a job where I was working, we both had 
just gotten out of a Tech school for drafting and both had good paying jobs 
for 19 year olds. Of course still having the kid in us and yes were still 
living at home. We went to the local hobby shop Bill’s Hobby (since closed) 
just a town over at the time and just said we wanted the best RC Car he had, Oh that was we each wanted one. Rick Pepen, he was really so helpful he loaded us up new radios, chargers, battery and the car Associated RC10.

Here is what happened we took all our stuff back to my house as the 
parents were on vacation so we had the house to ourselves. We set up at the 
kitchen table and began building only stopping for momentary breaks to 
shovel some sloth in our mouths. If we got stuck we consulted and kept 
building in awe all the way.. I think we started around 5pm on a Friday and 
finished sometime around 3am. But it was still dark out what to do, well we 
didn’t wait I remembered that the school up the street kept their parking 
lot lights on. We packed everything in the car and headed out. Now comes our biggest lessoned learned, that little white wire coming out of the receiver 
we put in the car well don’t wrap it up and leave it crumpled in the car. As 
when my buddy Dave hit the throttle on his radio the car took off across the 
parking lot. Wow we said that’s fast and if my memory serve’s me correct the 
directions went very clear on where to put it. I’ll never forget the sight 
of Dave running across the parking lot screaming STOP. The original RC10 had 
a mechanical slide speed controller over a ceramic resistor and when it went 
to full throttle and lost the signal, it locked on full throttle across the 
parking lot it went. As you could have guessed it stopped when it hit the 
granite curb and flipped in the air as pieces went flying. I had the 
pleasure of not smashing mine on the first trip. He didn’t really do much 
damage the batteries went flying and bent the front bumper which we bent 
right back into shape. And he had bent the tie rods and broke one. We did 
take the rest of the night off to get some sleep before we went back to the 
hobby shop for some free advice and luckily cheap replacement parts… We were hooked and I never stopped.

Next is a list of the cars/boats/planes I have owned or still own. My 
next car was a Kyosho Optima Mid SE electric 4 wheel drive was an awesome 
handling car (sold it when I had my first daughter). Next was a Tamiya 
Monster Beetle electric 2wd (gave it to my nephew as a get well 
present). Next was Kyosho Stinger MKII , nitro powered 4 wheel drive, belt 
driven was my first Nitro car I used that car year round, we would race it 
on the ice in the winter. Dave was still hooked at this time. We put screws 
in the tires and mounted them on rims and we had ice racers was some of the 
best times we had. I still have the tires from that car also still have the 
car although I have stolen parts from it over the years. Well I wasn’t 
content on just staying on land my next RC was a Dumas KV38 Scarab boat, 55’ long with a 11cc inboard motor Man that boat was fast, would leave a 10’ 
rooster tail behind the boat.. I’m still trying to find some old pictures of 
it. I liked that boat so much I had to try another I bought a Dumas tunnel 
hull with a 7.5 outboard motor, I must admit that was my only RC project 
that I never finished. I built the boat but never finished putting in the 
radio or motor.. I ended up selling both my boats to buy a computer that my 
wife felt was more practical. But it was for a good cause I had my first 
daughter in (91) and I had my second on the way.(93) Things slowed down for me a little while they were growing up, I didn’t get back into RC for a few 
years my next car was a Kyosho FW04 SuperTen Tom Esso edition I was in love with this car as it was very fast & handled okay, I added all the extra’s I 
could get my hands on from a cooling fan to what I think now is an out of 
production OS 15LD which is a lay down motor it help tremendously on helping 
the car not flipping over or roll on high speed corners. I still have the 
car and run it on occasion making sure to keep the motor well oiled with 
after run oil, car runs fantastic. Next came the Monster truck craze and of 
course it caught me too. I went for the Duratrax Thunder Quake it’s big two 
speed transmission and reverse.. That’s right reverse with a Nitro powered 
Monster Truck although I paid top dollar for this truck it so much fun 
jumping this monster off whatever I could find. Don’t get me wrong I put 
this truck threw some major bashing, It is a good truck. It’s a little slow 
off the line as it’s a heavy truck and I bent many axles and as it was a RTR 
truck. The first and only RTR model that I will ever buy. I recommend this 
to anyone buying a ready to run nitro powered vehicle take it apart and 
loctite all the screws just to be sure.. I’m proud to say I still have this 
Monster and break it out mostly in the winter , got me just they way it 
happens.. A few years back I wanted to get back to electric not sure why for 
sure but my next purchase was a Associated TC3 and is one on my many on road cars which I have tricked out with plenty of blue aluminum hop ups car is 
sweet, Epic 12 turn PK2 motor and Novak Cyclone speed controller car is 
definitely a favorite to me.. Ok well were getting closer to end of my list 
of cars next was Tamiya Blackfoot which My daughters like to use but I have 
not been able to get them more interested. My most recent purchases were a 
1/12 Scale Calandra Racing 3.2 Carpet Knife red edition, which I used over 
the winter to get back into racing on carpet. Well let me give you a brief 
review of this car. Handling did I say handling this car is one of the 
easiest cars to drive I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. Mind you this 
car is only 2 wheel drive, it just goes where you point it. And I’m running 
a 10 turn modified motor. With a Associated Quantum Competition 2 speed 
controller. Also the support from Calandra Racing is the Best I have had the 
pleasure of dealing with Great Job after the sale. And last but certainly 
not the last one is the Team Losi xxx Graphite Kinwald Edition Buggy. It was 
this years Christmas present I have run it a hand full of time at the track 
I’m in love with it just like with my first RC10. I have a Novak Brushless 
in it and this buggy is one that just handles the track with ease whether 
it’s coming off the jump or ripping up the corners. It’s brings me back to 
the beginning. Over the years I have also had a glider, two .40 airplane 
trainers and one low wing plane. Flying for me is better left to the birds. 
Although I did sell my Glider I crashed the low wing and both trainers. I 
did recently buy another plane kit to build as I find a lot of the enjoyment 
of RC is the building of the model and planes offer a lot of challenges. 
Also I have all the extra from crashed planes to outfit it if and when I 
find some spare time to start it.

So now at 40 my free time limited but I still try to get to some races 
couple times a month. But most of all RC to me is just is keeping the kid in 
me alive and well remember, “He who has the most toys Wins”


Robert Roundy


Thanks for your story Robert. Brings back old memories, especially my same mistake with my first rc vehicle. I actually cut the receiver antennae since in the manual the drawing looked like it was cut. After reading your story, I believe a lot of first timers make the same mistake we did regarding the receiver. Needless to say I was also chasing my car as it ran away from me :)



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