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Frequently Asked Questions About RC Cars

Here are some of the most common and popular questions I've heard over my 30 years in the hobby. Hope the answers help you out. Cheap, best, fast, where to buy, information, beginner cars and more.

RC Cars - Cheap, Beginners, FAQ

Q: What are some cheap RC cars for a beginner?

Price List Database - Trucks, Nitro, Electric, Mini and Drift.

Q: What is better electric or nitro rc cars?

Nitro versus electric rc car comparison.

It used to be that nitro kits were faster out of the box and had longer run times. But nowadays with lipo batteries and powerful brushless electric motors, electrics are now faster. That said, nothing beats the excitement and realism of the sound and noise of nitro rc cars.

Difference between nitro and electric and what you should buy.

What are nitro powered rc cars? Where to buy cheap? Batteries? Gas or fuel powered? Best 1/10 on-road for less than $300.

Q: Best rc cars for drifting and websites to buy from?

You can start off cheap with the Tamiya TT01-D or HPI E10 models. Then if you need more stability, tunability and control, you can buy high end models such as the Hot Bodies TC-FD, Tamiya TA05-VDF, TB03 VDS and Yokomo Drift Package and DRB.

Guide to rc drift cars with photos, videos, driving tutorial and online stores.

Photos of the newest and best rc drift cars from Team Magic, Yokomo, Sakura, Max Speed Technology.

Pricelist of drift cars from Hot Bodies, HPI, Tamiya and Yokomo.

Basic information about rc drifting, written way back in 2004.

RC-Drift-Cars.com gives and introduction, how-to, best cars, parts, tires, sale and more.

Q: How fast to they go?

Out of the box around 10 - 15mph. Basic upgrades around 30mph. Racing machines anywhere from 40mph to 70mph depending on track size. And for straight line top speed runs, fastest so far is 167mph.

Listing of the fastest rc cars.

Q: Difference between radio control cars, remote control cars and RC Cars?

To me they mean the same thing. No difference.

Q: Where can I find information on rc cars?

When I first started RCCarTips.com back in 2003, the main source of information on rc cars was Radio Control Car Action Magazine. Very little information online.

10 years later there is an overload of information. Websites, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Magazines are now less relevant. Here are some of my other websites that might help you get started.

RC-Monster-Trucks.com I made back in 2003. While not as updated as this site, it has 80 pages of information.

Truck-RC.com is new and lists the most popular rc trucks as of 2012. Big photos, video and summary. Plus links to where to buy.

Gas-RC-Cars.com started in 2010 about on-road nitro rc cars. Also large photos, video, best models, price and links to online stores.

RCCarsRTR.com is 205 pages about electric, nitro, mini and gas powered remote control ready to run cars.

ShopRCCars.com is a simple 15 page guide to r/c cars and trucks.

F1RCCars.com purely dedicated to Formula One radio control cars. News, photos, videos, tips, events and more.

Radio-Controlled-Car.com is a simple 12 page guide to cars and trucks. Large photos.

RCCarHobby.net introduces you to remote control cars, gas powered, trucks, drift, electric, parts and online hobby shops.

Q: What do the 1/10, 1/12, 1/8 etc number stand for?

This pertains to the scale size of the kit. For example, 1/10 or 1:10 means the kit is 10 times smaller than the real thing. Generally a 1/8 buggy is bigger than a 1/10 truck.

Q: RC Cars for Beginners?

Highly recommended are strong cars that have enclosed transmissions to keep dirt out of the gears. If I were to recommend a specific type, I would buy a 1/10 off-road stadium truck that is electric powered and rear wheel drive for simplicity. Additional information.

Listing of the best rc cars for beginners.

Helping you choose and buy electric rc cars for beginners.

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Where to Buy Radio Control RC Cars and Trucks

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