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- RC Cars Ezine 7

RC Cars Ezine 7

RCCARTIPS.com Newsletter
Issue no. 7
July 23, 2003

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* How To Calculate Top Speed
* Make Your Car Faster, Without Any Upgrades
* Free eBook - Secrets of Nitro RC Cars
* Recommended Nitro Touring Car
* Save 5% - Discount Coupon Code until July 31, 2003
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The formula for calculating the top speed of your remote
control car in miles per hour is:

(distance / time) x .68

distance = feet
time = seconds

For example, if your car takes 3 seconds to travel 100
feet, then the top speed is:

(100 / 3) x .68 = 22.67 miles per hour (mph)

Can you just imagine how fast 40 mph is? That means your
car will travel 100 feet every 1.7 seconds.



If you would like to increase the speed of your car by 
5 - 10% without buying any hop-up parts, try the following:

1. Use very light oil (e.g. WD-40) instead of grease to
lubricate gears, bushings, or bearings. This will free up the
transmission of the car.

Note that doing this may make the gears wear out faster, but
I personally have not noticed this.

2. For electric cars, break-in the electric motor before
running the car. Break-in seats the commutator brushes and
lessens the friction between the armature shaft and the 
bearings or bushings at both ends of the motor.

The result is a faster and more powerful electric motor.

There are many "techniques" for breaking-in a motor. My
personal guideline is to break in the motor by using a 3-volt
supply and running the motor for 2 hours or until the brushes
have "seated" or conformed to the shape of the armature.
Make sure you keep the motor cool during the break-in

This should be worth 10 - 20% increase in power.

3. For nitro engines, break in the motor. This is done by
running the car at slow speeds for the first two or three tanks
of fuel. Make sure the carburetor setting is on the rich side,
and to run at slow but varying speeds.

During the break in period, do not put the car body. This
ensures that the motor receives a lot of fresh cooling air,
especially since you will be running a low speeds.



If you are considering nitro rc cars and trucks, or are having
engine problems, then download this free eBook
(Acrobat PDF format) at:


The plain text version (no images) can be found at:


To the hundreds who have already downloaded the book,
feel free to give me feedback and to forward it to your



I just found a cool 1/10th scale nitro touring car that is
perfect for parking lot racing.

HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 
36 mph

HPI has finally produced a shaft driven nitro rc touring car.
This makes the car easy to maintain, and provides protection
from small pebbles that frequently cause damage to belt
drive transmissions.

Why buy this car? Cool bodies to choose from (the F150
flareside is awesome), speed (36 miles per hour stock is
fast), and cheap price (can be bought online for less than 
$270, complete, ready to run).

Here are some comments from the HPI forum:

"I just got it a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked for life." 

"Hey guys. This is my first nitro R/C car and it is great. I have
had for almost a year and had very few problems."

"My RS4 3 has been wonderful for me! It handles like a
dream and it won 3rd place in the championship race at my
local hobby shop, Hobby Town USA of West Chester. I
love to race my car at the track weekly. It has been a great
hobby for me and I have learned a lot." 

Read more at:



HPI Nitro Savage (Monster Truck)
1/8th Scale, 2.3 HP, 30,000 RPMs, 33+ mph 

Bigger than the T-Maxx, the HPI Nitro Savage is a true
monster truck. Large size allows it to run in very
severe off-road conditions. Take it to the beach and
have some fun.

Read more at:




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RC is most fun when we have friends to play and race with.

To convince them, why not forward this email to 2 of your 
friends. I will do my best to convince your friends by 
continually putting up informative articles on the web site.

Thank you for reading. Peace!

Joel M.

P.S. Thanks for forwarding this email :)

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