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Price List of RC Touring Cars, 12-Turn Modified Motors, and Hot Deals! Newsletter / Ezine

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Vol 1, Issue 16 Subscribers: 965 September 17, 2003


* Price List of RC Touring Cars
* Tip of the Day - Using 12 Turn Modified Motors
* Hot Deals!
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I have decided to compile a price list of all types of rc cars, and
for this week it is all about ready to run, on-road touring cars.
The price list is categorized according to price range and

The price is the estimated street or selling price, which may vary
without notice. But at least you can use it as a buyers guide, to
know whether you are getting a good deal or not.

To see the price list, visit:

Next week I will compile a price list for ready to run rc trucks.



I have this D5 flatline 12 turns motor from Trinity. Is it okay if I'll
used the motor for my TL-01? What is the consequences of this? 
~ Michael Francis Torres

Out of the box, the TL-01 will have a hard time handling the
power of a 12 turn modified motor. The first thing will be to
replace the mechanical speed control (which in my opinion can
only handle stock motors), with a high end electronic speed
control capable of handling a 12 turn motor. Note that budget
ESCs can usually go down to 16 turn motors, but will burn out
if you use a lower turn motor.

Other items to modify on the TL-01 is to put ball bearings
throughout the car, put high grip rubber tires (e.g. Tamiya Type B),
and replace the friction shocks with oil filled shock absorbers.

That's it. You should now have a TL-01 capable of pushing 35+
miles per hour.



Electric and gas powered ready to run touring cars that are on

1/10 HPI Dash RTR ~ $99
1/18 HPI Micro RS4 RTR BMW M3 ~ $165
1/10 Traxxas RTR Spirit Truck ~ $125
1/10 Associated Nitro TC3 RTR Dodge Stratus ~ $299
1/10 HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Lamborghini Murcielago ~ $249

Buy them by following the link below. You can even get a 5%
discount by using the special coupon code:



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Summer is almost over, but do not worry. The cool weather is
perfect for rc cars. You can run your cars faster without worrying
about overheating the electric motors, batteries, or speed control.

The same goes for nitro cars. The cool gas engines will allow you
to run faster. You may probably even get away with running
your nitro car without cutting ugly ventilation holes in the
windshield of the car body.

RC cars is a year round hobby!

Joel M.

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