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- RC Cars Ezine 13

RC Cars Ezine 13 - Best Brands / Models, Traxxas E Maxx, and Articles For Beginners

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Vol 1, Issue 13      Subscribers: 793      August 27, 2003


* Survey Results - Best brands, models, etc.
* Traxxas E Maxx - The best electric rc monster truck ever?
* Beginners Links - Quick guide to help you out.
* Personal Notes - Alexa and wedding.



My thanks to the 44 who responded to a mini survey I conducted
last Saturday. The info you provided was great, and will help me
improve the quality of RCCarTips.com.

I never thought this newsletter would become popular, and be
read worldwide. Hello to those in Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, 
Hong Kong, Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, 
United Kingdom, and the USA. If I missed a country, please let
me know.

Quick summary: Most popular brand was Kyosho (12), 
followed by HPI (11), Traxxas (8), Tamiya (6), Smartech (4),
Associated (3), and others.

The most popular model is the Traxxas T-Maxx.

Most of you love nitro rc cars (30) over electric rc cars (16).
This may be biased because the web site ranks high in search
engines for nitro and gas powered rc key words over electric
rc cars key words (i.e. my site is easily found for those into
nitro rc cars as compared to electric rc cars).

On-road (27) vs. off-road (23). Touring cars (24) dominated
followed by monster trucks (14), off-road trucks (11), buggies (8),
and mini/micro cars (2).

Most of you love to just play around (32), but a lot of you also
race or would like to race (26).

For complete results, visit:



23mph Dual motor 4 wheel drive 2 speed transmission

In the early 90's, Tamiya started the monster truck craze with
their 4 wheel drive, dual motor, electric powered Clod Buster.
This was quickly challenged by Kyosho's USA 1.

In 2000, Traxxas released the Traxxas E-Maxx. This electric
rc monster truck is so good that it is still popular today. No other
electric powered monster truck comes close.

Pictures, magazine reviews, video, and user feedback can be
found at:




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Nitro Engine Tuning Questions

Gas vs. Electric

On-road vs. Off-road

Car Driving Tips

Electric Battery Tips

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Thank you to those who left kind feedbacks in Alexa.com. Your
comments are well noted, and I will make every effort to make
RC Car Tips one of the best resources for the hobby.

Right now I am very excited because my friend since high school
is getting married in a couple of hours. So, I have to stop writing
for now, and go to the wedding.

Joel M.

P.S. Thanks for forwarding this email to your friends :)

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