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Vol 1, Issue 12          Subscribers: 733          August 20, 2003


* Electric RC Truck - Associated RC10T3 RTR 
* Tip of the Day - Wheel Holes
* Associated RC10T3 vs. Traxxas Rustler
* How-to Properly Ask Parents to Buy RC Cars
* Important Links
* Personal Notes


20+ mph 1/10 Electric RC Truck

For 3 consecutive years, "Readers Ride of the Year" of Radio
Control Car Action Magazine. This says a lot about the quality
of the Associated RC10T3 electric rc truck.

20-turn motor, stealth transmission, electronic speed control,
aluminum shocks, pre-painted F150 body... the list goes on.

Read the complete review plus tuning tips at:




Check to see if your wheels have small 1/8 inch diameter holes.
These holes are made into the wheels to allow air to escape and
re-enter, preventing tires from deforming permanently during
hard jumps and compression.

If there are no holes, you can make them by using a 1/8" drill bit.
Make approximately four holes, spread 90 degrees, per wheel.

Note that this tip is for rubber tires only. There is no need for
holes if you are running foam tires.

Have fun!



Two weeks ago I did an article on the Traxxas Rustler R/C truck.
This week, another popular model, the Associated RC10T3.

Which is the better electric powered remote control truck? To
find out, I did a side by side comparison of the specifications of
each machine.

Read the entire article at:




For those of you who would like to own rc cars and trucks, but
are too young to have credit cards or money, the only option is
to ask your parents.

25 years ago, I remember begging them to buy me an rc car. So
I know how you feel.

But there is a right way and wrong way of doing it.

The Wrong Way

1. Using your parents credit card without their consent or
knowledge. Please do not do this.

The Right Way

1. Present to your parents the benefits of owning rc cars.


- R/C cars can help you become a better driver when you grow

- The r/c car hobby is better than getting involved in bad habits
such as drugs, gangs, etc.

- Electric rc cars teach you about batteries, electricity, and motors.

- Nitro rc cars teach you about 2-stroke engines, carburetors,
fuel, automatic transmissions... things similar to a real car.

- The hobby makes your more technically informed. You will
learn concepts of electrical and mechanical engineering.

- The hobby fosters new friendships. I made a lot of new friends
by simply placing and racing rc cars.

- The hobby is an outdoor sport, which is a good alternative to
staying in front of the TV or computer all day long. It give your
eyes a break, and your body the much needed exercise (just
try running after an out of control r/c car).

2. Ask your parents to buy the rc cars for you. Let them do the
online transactions.

3. If they say no, please understand their position. Back off for
now, and ask them later on. Maybe they will buy it for you if there
is an occasion, such as birthday, Christmas, graduation, etc.

Today, I am a parent myself. If I can afford to buy rc cars and
trucks for myself or my kid, I will do so without hesitation.

But if there are bills to pay, then I must wait until I have enough
money to spend on the hobby.



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