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Father and Son Racing in the Mid '80s by Jonathan Leones


Hi. I'm an old RC enthusiast/racer. I used to race back in the early to mid '80 on the old but sadly now non-existent track in Uni-mart/Greenhills shoppin' center. I used to race with Dominic & Perry Cuesta, Dr. Eusebio, Eric Dy-Lim, Art & Tort Fontanilla and even got Richard Gomez interested with the hobby. I don't know if these guys are still around but it was really fun back then.

I used to race a couple of cars. The first car I raced was a Tamiya Hotshot then I eventually purchased a Associated Electrics RC-10 (which was I believe the third of it's kind in the country then next to that of the Cuesta brothers'). I raced the RC-10 for a couple of years until a mini-golf course was put in place of the Uni-mart track. When the Violago track was put up, I purchased an RC-10L for on-road competition...this I raced 'til the use of the track was also discontinued.

I would have gone back racing but unfortunately my father passed away. He was my mechanic and what-have-you. What I can say 'bout R/C racing is that it gave me discipline and taught me the value of practice. (My father used to wake me up early every Sunday morning to go to Greenhills to practice 'til noon.) I could safely say that I could have drove my R/C on the Greenhills track blindfolded!

Well, I just caught a glimpse of your site and it just brought back memories of racing...and my father. Back then, there was a quite a number of father-son "racing teams". Anyway, thanks for putting up a great site. I don't know if I'd be able to take up R/C racing again but it would be nice. Thanks and more power to your site.


Jonathan Leones

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