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RCCarTips #75 - Winning Trophies, Silvercan and Tamiya Motors

Winning RC Race Trophies
I can no longer recall the first time I won an rc car race trophy. But I am given a second chance, to see my 10 year old daughter win her first ever 1rst Place trophy.

And by the looks of her face, I think she is very happy :)

She did this in the 13 March 2011 Tamiya race inside SM Megamall on a carpet track. Winning first place in Jr. Stock Class (silvercan tc) and getting a solid 2nd place in the highly competitive Tamiya Mini class.

Hard for me to admit, but she is now a better driver than I. Guess it's time for me to move on from being a driver to being an r/c car mechanic for her. Anyways I find lots of joy seeing her having fun with the hobby I loved since I was 9 years old.

Hopefully your kids will join you in your hobby. I have been fortunate.

Silvercan and Tamiya Motors

Right now I'm trying to tune the Mabuchi / Johnson 540 silvercan and Tamiya 28T lightly tuned motors. Sometimes driving skill is not enough, we also need good motors to win races.

Silvercan Tamiya Lightly Tuned Motors

Here are the motors me and my daughter are currently using in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup qualifier races. Left are the stock silvercan motors that usually come with the kits. On the right are Tamiya 28T Lightly Tuned motors used in the M-chassis class.

To see which motors are good, I use either an rc car dyno or motor checker. Here are some results from the motor checker.

Motor Checker Results

Typically the motor with higher RPM is better. Here the Johnson 540 Silvercan motors are running around 18,800 rpms while the Tamiya 28T Lightly Tuned Motors at 15,700 to 18,360 rpm.

These numbers are not impressive. I've got a lot of work to do to make my motors faster.

RC Car Trophies

Please don't get this article the wrong way, I don't want brag about my trophies. For me, collecting trophies is like collecting rc cars, there are so many different designs. Just sharing some of my rc cars, trucks and trophies.

RC Car Trophy Collection

(Click on photo above for a bigger image.)

So whenever I see a nice looking trophy, I make the extra effort to try and win that competition.

Interestingly, I noticed that the two biggest trophies I have are for winning Nitro races. And even my favorite, the glass trophy with green hologram (3rd from right, top shelf) is for winning a nitro rc car race.

Besides looking nice, trophies remind me of the friends, places and good times of past races. It's not only about racing, it's the adventure.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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