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When I was a young kid my mother bought me a toy rc car around 1977. It was yellow. I had so much fun with that car.

Fast forward to 2010 and I still occasionally buy rc cars that most would consider "toys" rather than hobby quality models. I like them because of the realistic bodies and cheap price. And good enough for bashing in my living room or garage track.

Photo of R/C Car Toys

Above is a photo of my toy rc car, the Jada Import Racer Toyota Trueno. It's good fun for drifting in my living room. Nikko is another popular brand.

If you are thinking of buying your first r/c car, the toys sold in department stores are good fun and very cheap. Then later, should you continue to enjoy the hobby, visit your local hobby shop to buy better hobby quality kits for bashing and eventually racing.

Here is a quick comparison of a toy car versus a hobby quality model.


Hobby Quality


Full left, full right, no in-between. Steering is not precise.

Fully propotional from 0 to 100% steering from left to right. Steering is more precise.


From full stop to full speed. Acceleration is rough. Like an on-off switch.

Fully propotional from 0 to 100% speed. Acceleration and speed control is precise.


5 - 10mph

15 - 30mph. Faster models can go over 50mph.


Less than $100

Around $180 and above.

If you are ready for hobby quality kits and models, visit the electric rc cars page of this website to learn more.

Or visit the Online R/C Hobby Shops page where you can buy toy rc cars online easily and securely.

Have fun!

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