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RC Car Tips Magazine - January 2012

Free online rc car magazine. This month is a Tamiya special issue. Enjoy!

RC Car Tips Magazine Jan 2012


The RC Car Tips magazine is a one man production done by me. I've always wanted to produce an r/c car magazine. And thanks to the internet, that dream is a reality. Of course special thanks to you the readers and to my friends who help me out by joining events and providing unique tips.

It's sad to see print rc car magazines close down. The most recent was Xtreme R/C Cars. It had great content and reviews. But I guess print could not compete with real-time online information.

Anyways today is the birth of my virtual, digital and totally free online rc car magazine. True the RCCarTips website has been around since 2003 (wow 9 years). But now I will just try to add a little "print" style to it.

The graphical skills of the cover might seem crude compared to the professional print magazines, but hey, it gives a retro feel to it. Ok, I suck at Photoshop.

Let's sit back, relax and on to the content. Hope you find it interesting, unique and most importantly fun.

Joel M.

New RC Car Models

I was surprised to see Tamiya already hard at work producing new and exciting radio control models for 2012. Catching my eye is the Toyota Celica LB Turbo. There's something about the wedge shape that gives it character. And it brings back memories to the early days of Tamiya.

Tamiya Toyota Celica LB Turbo RC Car

You might be surprised, but I am very much a fan of off-road rc buggies. And here is one that I would love to buy, the 1/10 Tamiya Avante Black Edition. Back in the day it was an engineering marvel. In fact over engineered. Now a re-release by Tamiya. The only thing I don't like are the wheels. But easy enough to buy the original Avante cam lock designed wheels. Time to save up for this shelf queen.

Tamiya Avante 2011 Black Special RC Buggy

And here are the rest of the 2012 Tamiya Radio Control Cars lineup. I'm sure you will see something you like. Tamiya is truly tempting us. Photo credits: Tamiya.com

Event: F1 RC Australian GP

Lately I've been running the monthly F1 rc club races. The focus is realism in rc racing and to have and environment where beginners would love to join, race and have fun. It is a laid back atmosphere where racing is close between the experienced racers and the newcomers.

Let me share with you what I mean through a video highlight of the inaugural F1 RC Australian GP. Even with the video we try to make it unique and fun. Not your normal highlight video.

And it's not only thru racing do we have fun. I try to make the after race event coverage exciting thru photos and commentary. All in good fun. It also serves to keep racers interested and entice others to join the F1 races. Read more at: F1 RC Australian GP.

RC Car Review - Tamiya M06

When this new model came out in 2011, I was not a fan. But as faith would have it, my daughter won an M06 kit as her prize for finishing 3rd place in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup Finals held in Singapore.

Since we had the M06, I built it and was curious on its performance. In the first race of the 2012 Tamiya Asia Cup qualifier, my daughter was not so happy. The M06 was wandering everywhere, difficult to drive. She wanted the M05 back, the car she used to finish 2nd overall last year in the m-chassis class.

As the mechanic I was scratching my head. Clueless on what to do. Fortunately when I reduced the front camber, the M06 transformed into a racing beast. And my daughter finished the races 2nd overall, missing the top spot by just 2/10 of a second in the tiebreaker.

Tamiya M06 Mini RC Car

Honestly I was losing interest in the M-chassis class racing. I've been doing it since 2004. But the promising result of the Tamiya M06 has ignited my interest once again. I am now obsessed with tuning this chassis to perfection (see photo above).

Here is the full review of the Tamiya M06 m-chassis rc car with speed tips to help you go faster and win. It will be updated as my daughter continues to test and race the M06 in the 2012 TAC racing season.

RC Car Tips

To end this months magazine, here is a tip shared to me by my good friend Taka. He is the fastest on-road touring rc car driver in my country.

Taka tells me that every day he used to exercise his fingers and wrist. Squeezing to improve finger strength, which helps in throttle control. For steering his technique is to grip the wheel with his fingers and to turn (i.e. steer) by twisting his wrist. Not by moving his fingers.

It makes sense. Moving wrist involves less muscles than trying to coordinate the movement of several fingers. More consistent and less prone to errors.

That's his driving style. Hope it works for you. 

Many thanks if you can give a thumbs up and help spread the word about RCCarTips.com.

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