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RC Car Tips Magazine - February 2012

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RC Car Tips Magazine February 2012


February and the summer season is almost here in my country. With that it's time for some outdoor off-road racing fun. My daughter snapped some great action photos of 4-wheel drive short course rc trucks while I took the videos.

There was also something new that excited me, the 1/8 scale HPI gasoline engine that fits into the HPI Savage XL, D8T, Super 5SC, Apache C1 and Apache SC. Finally, gasoline powered radio control cars in 1/8 scale. Cheaper and longer run times. A dream come true.

Also something I've never seen before, a vintage Kyosho Mini-Z. What is unique is that it is nitro powered. Photos courtesy of the owner, Jaysper.

For cheap on-road fun, try Formula 1 rc cars. Here is a coverage of the F1 RC Club Malaysia GP race. Notice everyone having a fun time. It's what the hobby is about.

And if you've missed it, here is a list and videos of rc cars that have gone over 100 miles per hour. Whooosssh.

Joel M.

Featured: 4x4 RC Trucks Short Course

I took my daughter to the nearby Sonic Boom off-road track to watch some 4x4 short course trucks race. Being an on-road racer, she was happy to see jumps and crashes. Here are some of her action photo shots.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course

Here are more photos and video highlight of the 4x4 RC Trucks Short Course off-road racing action. Take a look and I'm sure you will love to buy and race these.

1/8 HPI Gasoline Engine

I love nitro rc cars but cringe at the expensive special fuel needed for these engines. Always wished for a 1/10 scale sized gasoline powered engine. Those that run on the same fuel as full sized cars.

1/8 HPI Gasoline Engine

The wish almost came true. HPI now has a 1/8 scale 2-stroke gasoline powered engine that fits into many of their 1/8 and 1/5 sized cars.

  • Double the runtime
  • Cheaper fuel cost
  • You can buy the fuel at any gas station
  • Easier to start and tune
  • Quieter and cleaner running engine

Source: HPIRacing.com

Event: F1 RC Cars Malaysia GP

Here is round 2 of the F1 RC Car club, the Malaysia Grand Prix. A full 10 cars on the grid for some of the closest racing action for the year. Final spot on the podium was determined by just 15/100th of a second!

F1 RC Cars 2012 Malaysian GP

And it's not only thru racing do we have fun. I try to make the after race event coverage exciting thru photos and commentary. All in good fun. It also serves to keep racers interested and entice others to join the F1 races. Read more at: F1 RC Cars Malaysia GP.

1/12 Kyosho Mini-Z Nitro

Browsing the forums I was surprized to see what looked like a Kyosho Mini-Z but with a 0.61 nitro engine. I thought I've seen it all, but seems there are a lot of unique rc cars that I never knew existed. This is truly a vintage and collectible item.

Kyosho Mini Z Nitro RC Car

Top view of the chassis.

Kyosho Mini Nitro Engine

The 0.061 mini 2-stroke nitro engine. Bump start or twist the tire.

Kyosho Mini Nitro Radio Control Car

The simple transmission.

Kyosho Japan 0.061cc mini nitro engine

Made by Kyosho Japan. Interesting rectangular muffler.

Thanks to Jaysper for these pictures.

Fastest RC Cars - The 100+ MPH Club

With the advent of powerful Lipo batteries and electric brushless motors, it is no surprise that the fastest radio controlled cars are now electric powered.

Traxxas 100MPH RC Car

Above is the much hyped 100 miles per hour Traxxas rc car. Very impressive indeed. But what is more impressive are home modified models like the 1/10 Traxxas Rustler (a stadium truck) that go 114mph!

Here is a list of the fastest rc cars and their videos on youtube. They are insane!

Initial D RC Car Racing Video

While cleaning up my PC of old photos, I stumbled upon videos of my Tamiya 414 with an Initial D AE86 Trueno body racing in the stock 540 silvercan motor class. Driven by my daughter in 2010.

RC Car Tips

On 23 - 26 Feb 2012 my daughter and I will be travelling to Thailand to participate in the 2012 Thailand International Touring Car Championship. With many world champions in the drivers list and the huge RC Addict race track, it should be one of the fastest on-road electric rc car race for the year.

Will provide a full race coverage in the March edition of RC Car Tips magazine.

Thanks for reading!

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