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RC Car Tips #82 - New Products, R/C Fun

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Every month I share new kits we would love to buy and my personal thoughts about what is going on in the hobby. Thanks for reading.

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Vol 1, Issue 82                June 18, 2012




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RC Car Tips June 2012

Hello and hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. A mix of objective information plus my usual 2 cents opinion on why I love this hobby.

On-Road RC

It is rainy season and fortunately we have a great indoor asphalt r/c track measuring around 120 x 50 feet. Big enough that even 1/10 modified electric touring cars and nitros can stretch their legs.

Besides being I racer, I've decided to become a race organizer. I want to grow the hobby and attract new racers. With this I have been running a cheap Formula 1 r/c racing series (which attracted 17 racers last week). That's a lot considering we are a small community of r/c racers in my country.

Many are new to racing, with feedback that they enjoy the F1 races so much. I think it is partly to the rules we have set and the friendly atmosphere. Take a look at our F1 RC Club. And my basic rules:

  1. Realistic speed - Use the stock 540 mabuchi / johnson silver can motor with a maximum gearing of 3.72. This limits the speed making it easy for newbies to control their car and race competitively with the oldtimers.
  2. Cheap racing - No expensive batteries or motors allowed. Even the tires we use last for over 1 year of racing.
  3. More track time - A 30 minute fastest lap qualifier and 3 x 15 minute finals ensure everyone has a lot of racing action and fill thier need for playing rc cars.
  4. Compressed schedule - I start races at 1:45pm and finish 5:30pm. No need to spend entire day just to race. We have other things to do.

And to attract even more racers I've done a pilot race in a "Run What You Brung Class". It is basically for those who have an rc car but have no class to race in. It was fun watching a Tamiya Wild Willy vs. Tamiya 4wd RC, vs. Kyosho LeMans vs HPI Savage. Hope to grow this class this year.

In my opinion racing has become too serious. Even I have been sucked into that world and sometimes forget that the rc hobby can be lots of fun even without racing or winning.

Below is a feel good video from Tamiya. This is what r/c is about.

Off-Road RC

We are fortunate to have three large outdoor off-road rc tracks. I recently went to visit my friends at Circulo Verde. Popular off road racing classes here are 1/8 electric buggy, 4wd short course trucks and 1/8 nitro buggy.

Here are some videos of 1/10 4wd short course...

and 1/8 electric e-buggy.

Also visited the large Sonic Boom off-road track near my house. There they run electric and nitro monster trucks and have fun.

Besides organizing and having fun at racing events, I've been steadily updating the main pages. The most recent update is the RC Trucks Guide. If you are looking to learn about the various types of rc trucks, the popular models and what to buy, take a look.

ROAR Nationals

"ROAR is the official U.S./Canadian sanctioning body for R/C car and truck competition." To see the trend on what classes are becoming popular in the USA and Canada let's look at the history of ROAR National events.

ROAR Nationals RC Car Racing Classes

Reference: Statistics I gathered from www.roarracing.com

Seems that oval on-road and 5th scale racing are in the decline. Growth is now in electric short course (2wd, 4wd) and 1/8 electric off-road buggy.

New RC Cars and Products

To all fathers, let me greet you a belated "Happy Fathers Day". I'm sure we all used this as an excuse to buy a new rc car for ourselves :)

1. VRC Pro Off-Road

Many are eagerly awaiting the July 2012 release of the much awaiting VRC Pro Off-Road rc game / simulator. I've been running the VRC Pro for nitro and electric on-road r/c cars and enjoy the realism. I would love to try the VRC Short Course trucks, should be lots of fun.

RC Game VRC Pro Off-Road


2. Kyosho New RC Car Products for June 2012

New Kyosho RC Cars for June 2012

Photo credit: kyosho.com

New kits:

  • 1/8 Aston Martin DBR9 on the Inferno GT2 chassis
  • 1/10 DRX Chassis Kit Kyosho Cup Edition 2012 with 2-speed and GXR18 nitro engine
  • 1/10 Gambado Route 246 Kyosho Cup Edition fwd mini electric car
  • Lazer ZX-5 FS 4WD Mini-Z buggy
  • 1/10 Sandmaster off-road buggies

Lots of new models to buy from Kyosho.


3. Tamiya New RC Cars for June 2012

Below is video of the 1/10 Tamiya F104 ver.II Pro F1 Chassis kit.

Below is the 1/10 TA05-VDF II rc drift chassis kit. This is a limited edition kit. Buy it while you can.

RC Drift Cars Tamiya TA05 VDF Limited Edition

Below is the 1/10 Tamiya TA06 touring car chassis with a Toyota 86 body.

RC Touring Car Tamiya Toyota 86 TA06

Photo credit: tamiya.com

RC Tips

Here are some random tips to help you go faster without spending a lot of money.

  1. Putting WD40 on your tires will help soften the rubber, improve grip and breathe life to old cracked tires.
  2. Weight can be good or bad. Too heavy and car will be sluggish. Too light and car might not have sufficient grip to accelerate or corner quickly. For slippery tracks, adding weight may give you faster lap times.
  3. In a recent test I made on Lipo batteries. I found that expensive $100+ USD packs were only around 0.3 volts better on a 14 amp discharge load compared to a cheap $35 USD pack.

Where to Buy Radio Control RC Cars and Trucks

At your local hobby shop or try the rc store page.

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