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RC Car Tips #84 - 1/10 TC Worlds, Top 10 New RC Cars, Racing Rules, New Pages

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Every month I share new kits we would love to buy, interesting race events and my personal thoughts about what is going on in the hobby. Thanks for reading.

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Vol 1, Issue 84                August 28, 2012


1/10 Touring Car World Championship

Formula One RC

Deciding on Rules

10 New R/C Cars

New Pages

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RC Car Tips Aug 2012 - Jilles and Porsha
2012 IFMAR TC World Champion Mr. Jilles Groskamp helping Porsha.

This month was very "interesting". Ugly side was that, as race organizer, I experienced the politics in r/c. But long story short, with the support of the track owner, we put a stop to all the rc politics. It can be done! For the love of the hobby, not love of money.

Good side is the exciting racing action from all over the world plus the new radio control kits that will surely lighten up our wallets and fill our house with new stuffs.

1/10 IFMAR 2012 Touring Car World Championship

The 2012 IFMAR touring car champion is Mr. Jilles Groskamp of Tamiya Racing Factory driving a TRF 417. Very happy to see Jilles finally become a world champion. He has been very helpful to my daughter and to everyone in person.

And here is the exciting video summary of the event.

Champion: Jilles Groskamp (Tamiya), 2nd: Atsushi Hara (HPI/Hotbodies), 3rd: Ronald Volker (Yokomo)

Formula One R/C

It is mid season in real Formula One racing. Being a fanatic for open wheel racing, I created a new website called F1RCCars.com. A younger brother website to RCCarTips.com, so to speak. Below is a screenshot.

F1 RC Cars Website


Info about the newest models, tips, clubs, photos and videos. If you love F1, check it out and hope you like it. New models are the Kyosho Plazma Formula, Tamiya F104 v2, TRG 112 prototype, Tech Victory VF-2012 and more. Honest reviews.


Deciding on Racing Rules

This year I started to organize f1 races. Happy to report it has attracted 15 rookies and 46 racers in total from all segments of the hobby such as Off-Road, Monster Truckers, Drifters, and Touring car drivers. Nice to see all gather together to have fun racing without the politics.

But there will still be detractors who have their own selfish agenda. Some have tried to question every aspect of the rules. To answer, I showed the analysis made in arriving at the rules. Below is except of what I posted on a forum. Hope it helps racers and organizers alike. Currency is Philippine Pesos.

In formulating equipment rules, the following were considered.

1. Cost
2. Availability
3. Obsolescence
4. Durability
5. Size
6. Variance in performance

Here is the analysis leading to reasons why 540 brushed, open esc and 50c max batteries. It may not be perfect, but analysis was done.

Cost Benefit Analysis on R/C Racing


Keyence fear factor - For most of us, including me, we will not be able to translate to faster laptimes by buying Keyence. And if we so desire, a comparable top end LRP Quantum 3 is P3,950. That is one of the best ESC for our class.

Spec ESC - Availability and product Obsolescence are factors that are dealbreakers. Where are we to source 50 TEU 104? And Tamiya is already phasing this out for TEU 105.

Battery - While I respect opinions that battery do not make a difference, I have a different experience. The C rating, especially reputable brands , will give much bigger performance variance than the ESC factor. I have tested on track, in races, and on a discharge machine. There is a big performance gain. That is why there is a big price and size difference.

Limiting to a brand specific rule is not my mindset. I want this to be an open class for all brands/manufacturers. No bias.

Hope this helps shed light into the decisions made.

New R/C Cars for August 2012

Time to go window shopping. New models scheduled to be released now or in the near future.

1. Kyosho Scorpion 2012

No much info yet, but looks like an 80's classic mixed with modern equipment design. I love it. It might even be 1/7 scale, brushless, 2WD buggy.

Kyosho Scorpion Off-Road RC Buggy

2. Kyosho Plazma Formula

Finally Kyosho is back with a 1/10 scale F1 racing machine. Looking good.

Kyosho Plazma Formula 1

Photo credit: RC Tech Magazine

3. Kyosho 1/27 Mini Z Rally Car

For Sebastien Loeb fans. Small scale drifting. You can even add a gyro for stability.

Kyosho Mini-Z Rally Car Citroen Sebastien Loeb

Source: Kyosho

4. Kyosho NeXXt

Interesting. I had to take a closer look.

5. Team Durango DESC210 Race Ready RTR

6. Team Losi Racing 1/10 22SCT

7. Tamiya Nissan Silvia S13

A new addition to the M06 mini chassis.

Tamiya Nissan Silvia S13 on M06 Chassis

Source: Tamiya

8. Tamiya Suzuki Jimny SJ30 Wheelie

The Expert Built (XB) assembled version of the 1/10 Suzuki Jimny. Great fun for kids.

Tamiya Suzuki Jimny Wheelie XB

Source: Tamiya

9. Team Magic E4D MF Pro

A beautiful drift rc car.

Team Magic E4D Drift Car

Photo credit: Team Magic

10. Losi TEN-SCT Nitro 4WD RTR


New Pages in RCCarTips.com

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Where to Buy Radio Control RC Cars and Trucks

At your local hobby shop or try the rc store page.

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