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RCCarTips #77 - Best RC Car Upgrades, Tamiya 2011 Models and TA05 v2 Review

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Vol 1, Issue 77     November 08, 2011


* RC Car Editorial
* Best RC Car Upgrades
* Tamiya 2011 Models
* TA05 v2 RC Car Review


RC Car Editorial

It has been a good year for both me and my daughter. Proud that she is the champion in the Tamiya Jr. Stock Touring class in our country and finished 3rd in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup held in Singapore.

I turned 40 years old recently. Was pleasantly surprized that I finished 2nd in Asia in the F1 class. Maybe I still have some speed left in me... :)

But I owe my good result to my friend Taka (who by the way was the 2010 champion in F1). Read on as I will share the tips I learned from him which helped me go fast.

My daughter and I also won the concours (body beauty contest). She with her Hello Kitty touring car and my flaming Skull Formula One. The prize was a Tamiya apron. Yes aprons hahaha.

Apart from racing, you might notice that the homepage of RCCarTips.com has changed. I am in the process of updating this site with current information, new rc car reviews and videos. Also added a search bar to help you find what your are looking for among the over 400 pages in this site.

Ah my life seems to revolve around this hobby. Anyways each morning I join outdoor aerobics classes to stay in shape. Then back to the computer to try and make RCCarTips the best independent rc car website. Unlike RC Car Action magazine and other popular websites, RCCarTips is a one man website.

So if you would like to help out, much appreciated if you could give a thumbs up, like this site and share with your friends. Below are the icons to help do this.

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Thank you in advance.

Joel M.


Best RC Car Upgrades

Short and sweet:

  1. Ball bearings.
  2. Good servo.
  3. Best radio controller you can buy.

Ball bearings will make your car run smoother and faster. Parts such as axles and gears will also last longer. Every new kit I build, I immediately replace the plastic and metal bushings with rc bearings.

Good servos will help make your rc car run straight and turn stronger. Though some of the cheap servos can be good enough. For example, I run a Futaba 3003 stock servo in my Tamiya M-chassis mini. But for better control and durability, I run a Futaba 9550 metal geared digital servo in my off-road buggy, touring and f1 rc cars.

Finally, a good radio control system will make you feel "more connected" to your car. For over 30 years I've used and raced (with good success) cheap radio controllers of Futaba.

However, my friend Taka drove my Tamiya F104. Compared to his F1 rc car, he said my throttle felt like an on/off switch. Felt difficult to control and difficult to drive smoothly.

He strongly suggested I try the latest technology of controllers. So I caved in and bought a Sanwa MT-4. It was a great advice, as I managed to then finish 2nd in Asia. I doubt if I would have done as well with my old controllers.


Tamiya 2011 Models

The most prolific company that churns out the most new models of radio control cars is Tamiya. Latest releases (or soon to be released):

November 2011

Click on the links to see photos and specifications on the Tamiya website. For other models, Tamiya 2011 RC Cars.

And here is a review of the 1/10 Tamiya TA05 ver 2 rc touring car that my daughter raced this year.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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