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How-to build, tips and reviews on electric, nitro and radio control equipment. The reviews are personal experiences and may vary with the opinions and reviews of other people. Best to get as much reviews from many sources as possible in order to make an informed decision.

Electric RC Car Reviews

Hot Bodies TCXX Review
Hot Bodies TCXX Review
Electric RC Car Sakura Zero Cheap
Sakura Zero
RC Car Tamiya TA05 v2 Buy Online
Tamiya TA05 4WD
Tamiya F103 vs F104 RC Cars
Tamiya F1 RC Car Reviews
3Racing FGX F1 R/C Car Review
Sakura FGX Review
Tamiya F104 v2 Review
Tamiya F104 v2 Review
F1 RC Car Review Tamiya Ferrari F60
Tamiya Ferrari F60 Review
F1 RC Car Review Tamiya Ferrari 312T3
Tamiya Ferrari 312T3 Review
Tamiya M06 M-chassis Review and Build Tips
Tamiya M06 Review
Tamiya Alfa Romeo MiTo M05 M-Chassis Review
Tamiya Alfa Romeo MiTo Review
Tamiya M05 Review
Tamiya M05 Review

Nitro RC Car Reviews

HPI RS4 Nitro Review
HPI RS4 Nitro Evo Review
Traxxas Nitro 4-TEC Review
Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec Review
Kyosho Fazer Review
Kyosho Fazer Review

Radio Control and Equipment Reviews

Lipo Battery Reviews
Lipo Battery Review
Sanwa MT4 Review
Sanwa MT-4 Review
Futaba 3PRKA Review
Futaba 3PRKA Review

Reviews of RC Cars by You

Do you have a review of your rc cars and trucks? Do you have an interesting RC story to tell? If so, simply email me at rccartips@hotmail.com, and I will post it in this section.

RC Cars by Robert Roundy
Hi Joel, first let me start by saying awesome job on your site.. Well I also am one who has been around RC for quite some time since the early 80’s. My first purchase went something like this...

Vanguard - by A. Kuhon
Vanguard is a 1/10th scale EP touring car. The unit that I've got comes complete as Ready to Run. The pack consists of: the car, esc, motor, body (Alfa Romeo touring) with Sanwa radio system (remote, receiver and servo).

Rex - by Rick Penlington
I've not been involved in the world of RC cars for long - just over a year. My first car was (is) a Kyosho Ultima EB, bought at the same time as a friend bought a matching one. It is aptly named 'Punisher'. My second car is a GV Rex-X with a Force 21 engine. Currently it is nameless, other than Rex.

Father and Son RC Car Racing in the 80's - by Jonathan Leones, Philippines
I would have gone back racing but unfortunately my father passed away. He was my mechanic and what-have-you. What I can say 'bout R/C racing is that it gave me discipline and taught me the value of practice. (My father used to wake me up early every Sunday morning to go to Greenhills to practice 'til noon.) I could safely say that I could have drove my R/C on the Greenhills track blindfolded!

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