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Tamiya 414 RC Car Racing

To me one of the most beautiful chassis is the Tamiya 414. Weight distribution is centrally balanced. Here is a picture of my r/c car that I use to racing in the 1/10 scale electric touring car 13.5T brushless motor class.

Tamiya 414 R/C Car

Futaba Cup - 5 Dec 2009

I have not raced touring cars in a while. Baseline setup for this yearly race is white springs front, blue springs rear, 40wt oil, 3 hole pistons. No sway bar front, rear used sway bar. Sorex 36r tires, full NASA traction compound. Had to use front one-way as I could not buy a spool/direct coupling. Car felt ok but still a lot of improvement can be made. 

Started with Team Powers 13.5T brushlessmotor with Nosram stock spec esc. Gearing of 48/105T with zero timing on motor. Fast lap around 14.8 sec. Temp around 65C/150F.

Changed gearing to 49/105T with +2 on the motor. Fast lap around 14.2 sec. Temp around 85C/185F. A little too hot.

Finished overall 6th place in the A-main. Not so bad for a 12 year old r/c car racing against the lastest technology in touring cars (Yokomo BD5, Tamiya 416, HPI Cyclone).

Christmas Race - 12 Dec 2009

Changed gearing to 47/105T. Motor came off the track at 90C, too hot. Fastest lap around 14.2 sec. Changed the setting on my Nosram stock spec esc from profile 8 to 4. Motor was around 65C, very good. Fastest lap around 13.8 sec.

Overall fastest qualifying time for me was 21 laps 5:07. 

Tamiya 414 Spool

Could not buy a spool, so I decided to fabricate one by simple removing the diff balls and plate. Then I drilled two holes then screwed the diff halves together. Here is a picture of my home made 414 spool. I have not tested this yet, hopefully it will hold up to hard racing.

Tamiya 414 Spool

Update: The 414 with spool worked very well. Had our fastest driver try it, he liked the corner speed and the car in general. I was doing well with it, I think I qualified 4th in the A main. Unfortunately the derlin outdrive cup broke during some first corner collisions and that was the end of it.

Having difficulty finding a spool, I bought a second hand Tamiya 416 WE from a friend. My first race was ok and car felt good. Will have to practise more with the 416. TC racing is nice because we now have to use braking skills as part of the overall driving skills. Just like real car racing.

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