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RC Car Dyno - Fastest F1 Competition

Brought a home made chassis dynamometer to an F1 rc car race and decided to have a fastest f1 car (on the dyno) contest to give tribute and recognition to the hardworking mechanics who build the fastest radio control cars for their drivers. Photos and video highlight.

RC Car Chassis Dyno Video Highlight

The chassis dynomometer can be used as a quick way to perform tech inspection. Any car exceeding a specific limit could be deemed disqualified. Or use the dyno as a way to test motors for approval.


RC Car Dyno test - Sakura FGX F1

How to build the basic dyno can be found here. Then used plastic roofing material as base for the chassis dyno.

Chassis dyno can help you determine your fastest motors and strongest batteries. Plus determine what specific gearing would give best acceleration and top speed.

RC Car Dyno Test - Tamiya LeMans 30mph

Test equipment: Home made chassis dyno.
Rules: 540 silvercan / 32T Formula Tuned, 3.7 FDR, 50c max battery, rubber tires.

RC Car Dyno Results

RC Car Dyno Results

The winner was Vin Diaz. Congrats!

RC Car Dyno Shootout Winner - Vin Diaz

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