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Changing R/C Car Bodies Brings New Enjoyment

"Sometimes it is necessary to change your car body due to accidents and un-repairable defects. Tamiya maintains a large stock of extra bodies for your use." - Tamiya

R/C Car Bodies Guide

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"Many advanced drivers use the polycarbonate body for test running their vehicles and change to the detailed plastic body for competition. Others will do just the opposite, so that their highly detailed body is used for display only, while the car is not being used for racing. Check with the latest Tamiya R/C Guide Book for bodies that will fit on your car."

  1. Tamiya has two types of R/C car bodies, Polycarbonate (Lexan) and Polystyrene.
  2. Clear body, detail is not as good but it is very light and strong. Ideal for practice running.
  3. Plastic body, very accurated detailing. Like the full sized cars.
  4. A special paint is available for polycarbonate (clear bodies).

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