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Radio Remote Control Cars

Here is a quick overview and guide to get started in the hobby.

Cheap Remote Control Cars

If you're looking for cheap remote control cars, best to look at mini and micro vehicles from Team Losi. These are around the $100USD price range complete set.

Cheap Remote Controlled Losi Micro SCT

Photo: Above is the 1/24 scale Team Losi Micro Short Course Truck selling for around $109 USD complete with battery and radio control unit. Source: www.teamlosi.com

Below is a price comparison database of the cheapest remote control trucks, nitro and electric rc cars you can buy on sale, online.

  1. Cheap RC Trucks
  2. Cheap Nitro RC Cars
  3. Cheap Electric RC Cars

Fast Remote Control Cars

Basic vehicles run at around 15mph. But speeds can be increased, with nitro (i.e. gas, petrol) powered cars running 40+ mph and electrics at 50+ mph. Yes, electric rc cars are now usually faster due to lipo batteries and high powered motors.

Fast Remote Control Cars

Above is the list of fastest electric, nitro and gas powered rc cars from CEN, Losi, HPI, Schumacher, Tamiya and Traxxas with their estimated sale price in USD.

Build a Remote Control Car

This website has over 300 pages of photos, videos, reviews and guide to buying cheap and fast remote control cars. Here are some build related pages:

Build a Remote Control Car - Alfa Romeo Mito

  1. Building an on-road electric rc touring race car.
  2. Building a cheap remote control car.
  3. RC Car Tips - Newsletter

Hope this helps you choose, buy and enjoy the hobby of rc cars and trucks. Please share this website with your friends. Over 300 pages on this site since 2003.

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