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Best Radio Controller for RC Cars

Best Value Radio Control Transmitter

The Airtronics MT4 (also known as Sanwa MT4) is in my opinion currently the best value radio controller you can buy. Ultra fast response, telemetry, and great ergonomics.

Best Cheap Radio Controller

The radio controller is very important to get the most performance out of your rc car or truck. Here is a short list of the best and most popular models and their estimated discounted sale price in USD.

Radio Control Transmitter Brands and Models

First choose from good brands such as Airtronics (i.e. Sanwa), Futaba, KO Propo and Spektrum. Each of these offer an entry level, mid-range and high-end model for you to buy.

Popular Radio Control Transmitters

If you're looking for a cheap yet functional transmitter set, recommended is the Futaba 2PH. Estimated price is only $50 - $70USD and is good enough for you to win races with.

But if you have the budget, go for the newer technology equipment such as the Airtronics MT4 2.4GHz system. High end features at a reasonable price. It's one of the best looking controllers out in the market today.

And if money is no object and you are serious about the hobby, then the Airtronics / Sanwa M11x or Futaba 4PKS are the best radio controllers you can buy.

Tips on Buying a Radio Control System

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying transmitters, receivers and servos.

  1. Hold the transmitter in your hand. Buy only those models that feel good in your hands.
  2. The steering wheel should feel light and smooth when turned left/right.
  3. Feel the throttle in both forward and reverse direction. Your finger should feel good throughout the range of movement.
  4. Weight and balance is a factor especially for long races.
  5. Look for fast response times. Recommended is the Sanwa MT4.
  6. There are many technologies available and are usually not compatible with each other.
  7. You need to select a transmitter, receiver, servo and speed control that are compatible with each other. Consult your hobby shop owner.
  8. Look for the basic features such as steering dual rate and end-point adjustment (EPA).
  9. Additional features such as exponential (EXP) will help you adjust the aggressiveness or smoothness feel of the steering and throttle.
  10. You can price compare and buy from online rc stores.

Hope this helps you make a buying decision. Have fun!

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