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Radio Control System - Sanwa MX-V

If you are looking for a cheap but good value radio controller, the Airtonics / Sanwa MX-V is a great model you will be happy with. With the same design as the MT-4, you get a controller that will fit your hand like a glove. Lightweight and comfortable.

Radio Control System Sanwa MX-V

It uses FHSS-2 and 2.4GHz technology for fastest response in the budget controller category. Comes with a 10 model memory and compatible with Sanwa Rx-37E, RX-371 and RX-442FS receivers. 

Comes with features found in high-end r/c controllers such as anti-lock, exponential (EXP), end point adjustment (EPA), servo reversing, steering dual racte, servo sub trim, battery voltage monitor and runs on a 4 cell battery.

Summary: In my personal opinion, this is the best cheap controller you can buy and be very happy with. Also perfect for those with small hands (e.g. women, kids, girls). Being lightweight is very important in long races.

Initial pricing, but will probably be much lower when sold in your local hobby shops.

Sanwa MX-V with RX-37E receiver (12,390 Yen)

Sanwa MX-V with RX-37E reciever, SRM-102Z x 2 servos (15,540 Yen)

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