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R/C Vehicles Require Good Radio Control Equipment

"The R/C unit is the heart of your model. Your radio control equipment is a valuable piece of modern electronic technology. Take care of it! Protect it from moisture at all times. Continually monitor the state of the batteries, and replace them prior to complete discharge." - Tamiya

Radio Control Equipment Guide

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"With low or depleted batteries you will have no control over your vehicle. When using the motor power source for your servos and receiver, be careful of your wiring. Observe the proper polarity at all times. Reverse connections will burn out your valuable equipment."

  1. A digital porportional radio system consists of a transmitter, receiver, servos and their associated batteries.
  2. Most electric powered r/c cars can be operated with a two channel r/c unit.
  3. Frequencies within the same band can be altered by changing crystals on most equipment.
  4. If you don't take care of it, it will not last!
  5. After use, perform the necessary cleaning and maintenance and you can enjoy your model for a long time.
  6. Switch off receiver first!
  7. Turn on transmitter first.

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