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Radio Control Car Mazda Speed 6

On-road electric rc cars are probably the fastest models that can go around a racetrack. Speeds of over 100kph can be achieved on large tracks.

Radio Control Car

Photo: Above is the 1/10 Tamiya TL01 radio control car. It is a 4wd shaft drive kit. Powered by high energy LIPO batteries and brushless motor technology, speeds of over 50mph is typical.

Featured on this page is a classic on-road r/c car, the Tamiya TL01. First sold in the last 90s, this car is so well designed that it is still competitive in 2010.

Radio Control Car Mazda Speed 6

Photo: Popular is the Protoform 190mm Mazda Speed 6 body. It gives good balance of steering and high speed stability.

On-road TC racing has become so competitive that the rc body makes a big difference in performance. With speeds of over 50mph, aerodynamics is very important. Most popular now is the Protoform Mazda Speed 6, LTC-R and the R9-R bodies. Though some might look like blobs, with some creative paint scheme you can give it a futuristic look.

Hobby Radio Control

Photo: Tamiya TL01 chassis with LIPO battery and high power electric motor.

Technology today has made electric rc cars faster with minimal maintenance. LIPO batteries have no memory effect and can be used several times a day. The brushless electric motors are generally maintenance free and keep their power run after run.

The main technology breakthrough is with the speed controller. These electronic speed controls (ESC) now have boost and turbo features that increases motor rpm and power at better efficiency. Result is massive speed and acceleration, more than enough to keep you smiling.

The hobby of radio control cars is still growing with so many choices. The main attraction is the speed, realism and ability to enjoy rc car racing at a very cheap price. 

If you are undecided on what to buy, feel free to browse this site. There are over 350 pages of tips, reviews and rc stores to help you make a buying decision. Thanks for reading and sharing this site with your friends.

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