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Here is a resource for the latest racing equipment and speed tips for those who are serious about racing rc cars. Hope these items will help you go fast. If not, at least you will look good trying.

Photo of an rc car dyno machine. RC Car Dyno
How cool is this? A dyno for you to measure the power of your rc car. Probably the ultimate equipment for those really serious about racing rc cars.
Photo of scales used for rc car weight balancing. RC Car Weight Balancer
One of the secrets of tops rc racers is the proper weight balance of their rc cars. Here is a set of scales that digitally measures the weight at each tire. 

Source: longacreracing.com

Photo of an automatic rc tire gluer.

Automatic RC Tire Gluer
Easier and faster way to glue rc tires to the wheels. Pressing down creates a gap between the rubber and the rim. The device also rotates the tire, making it easier to apply glue. Awesome!
Photo of a motor break-in stand from Yokomo. Motor Break-in Stand
A metal stand to absorb the heat when breaking in your motor. Cool.

Photo credit: www.yokomousa.com

Photo of an rc car tire truer from Yokomo RC Tire Truer
Here is a nice and compact rc tire truer from Yokomo. A must buy for serious touring car racers.

Photo credit: www.yokomousa.com

Robitronic iCube
The Robitronic iCube speed control allows you to download data such as amp draw and discharge curve after running your rc car.

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