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Pro Driver Tips from the Schumacher Forum

Here are some tips I've picked up from reading the Schumacher Forum (www.racing-cars.com/forum). If you have a chance, buy the new Mi4LP, it looks great.

Chris Grainger

  • The rear tower was the first change I asked for. its much better, more traction as the body does not roll around through the corners.
  • No I dont like servo savers, I like my steering direct, but it will strip servo gears in a big crash..

  • Nothing to do with arm angle really, its been found by everyone that the pins 5mm from the top of the chassis gives the best all round traction with the std rubber tyre size. so 3mm rear 2mm front on a 2.5mm chassis gives that, I would expect lower it and you will loose traction with to much roll. raise it you will lose traction with not enough roll.

Lee Woodhams

  • For more front bite, you could go up a few lbs on the front spring. That won't give you more steering but the car will turn in harder.

  • I check my rollbar tweak alot, everytime i have the shocks off, and if the car feels a little "odd" it's always checked.


  • The Hpi pink and tamiya white may be nearly same rating but trust me the tamiya springs feel so much harder on the car.
  • General rule: Lower shock position, softer- more weight transfer. Alot ....
    Higher shock position, stiffer- less weight transfer.
  • It is not at all unusual to run one grade stiffer springs on the front.


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