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Gas or nitro cars are very fast!

1/10 Mercedes Gas RC Touring Car

Pictured above is my OFNA touring car. It was one of the "fun" cars I've ever owned. Using an OS .12 CV engine, a tuned pipe, and a 2-speed transmission, this car was very fast... estimated top speed of 45mph.

I bought this car because it was cheap compared to other manufacturers of rc gas cars. It also came with "high performance" parts such as a 2-speed transmission, aluminum shock absorbers, universal driveshafts, aluminum chassis, disk brakes, and a beautiful BMW M3 body (which I later changed to the even more beautiful Mercedes Benz body).

This car was bought around 1997. It originally came with a BMW M3 body, but now has a Mercedes Benz body from Serpent. 

The most notable quality of the car was the very smooth shaft / gear drive train and two-speed transmission, allowing for very high top speeds. The only downside was that it was easy to strip the plastic bevel gears in the front and rear gearbox, so they have been replaced with the optional metal gears. No more problems with the transmission.

The tires that came with the kit is good enough, and after putting in more than 50 runs, they are still almost as good a new. 

This car is more of a play car than a true racing car, primarily because the suspension arms are two flexible lending to slightly sluggish cornering capabilities. The size is also slightly bigger than the 1/10th touring cars. It is similar to the size of the Kyosho Super Ten cars.

Overall this is a very fun car. It does give a lot of value for your money.


OFNA nitro gas powered rc carOFNA makes cheap, affordable rc gas cars without sacrificing quality. The latest model is the OFNA OB4 Nitro RTR (picture on the left). This car is perfect for those seeking to get into nitro cars at an affordable price.

It comes complete with a 2-speed transmission, full ball bearings, tuned pipe, nitro .12PS engine. And best of all, a top speed in excess of 50mph!

Click here to own this gas powered rc car

Buying Tips

RTR or ready-to-run means that the cars are usually assembled and comes almost complete with all necessary items to run.

However, there are still some things that you might need to buy.

Nitro Fuel These are specially blended fuel for rc gas cars. Be careful, the fuel used for model airplanes is different. Be specific in requesting for fuel for rc gas cars.

Fuel is also classified according to nitro content. The higher the nitro content, the more power. I personally use fuel with only 10% nitro, I find this is good enough to win races, and is cheaper than fuel with 15 - 20% nitro.

Glow driver or igniter The nitro engines use a glow plug (similar to a spark plug of a real engine). To start the engine, this glow plug must be heated. 

A device called a glow driver or igniter, powered by a 1.5v battery, is used to heat the glow plug.

Batteries The transmitter would require 8 AA sized batteries, the receiver 4 AA sized batteries. To save money in the long run, buy rechargeable batteries.

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