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Learn about the OFNA Titan nitro monster truck.


About the OFNA Titan RTR
Picture of the HPI Savage 21
Review of the OFNA Titan RTR
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About the OFNA Titan RTR Nitro Monster Truck

OFNA is now competing with HPI, Tamiya, and Traxxas in the very popular nitro monster truck segment of the rc truck hobby.

Sidebar: If you are not familiar with monster trucks, please visit the rc monster trucks page.

Their latest creation is the OFNA Titan RTR, a nitro powered monster truck with a Force .25 gas engine, generating 2.3 horsepower at 30,000 rpm. Wow!

That is a LOT of power!

The OFNA Titan RTR comes ready to run. This nitro rc truck comes assembled (engine, radio control system, transmission, etc.), making it easy for beginners to start playing and having fun.

Picture of the OFNA Titan RTR Nitro Monster Truck

A picture is worth a thousand words...

OFNA Titan Nitro RC Truck
Picture of OFNA Titan RTR is copyright of OFNA Racing.

Review of the OFNA Titan RTR Nitro Monster Truck

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Overall rating: This truck has not yet been reviewed.

The major competitor of the OFNA Titan RTR is the HPI Savage 21 nitro monster truck, Tamiya Terra Crusher nitro rc truck, and the Traxxas TMaxx. All are big, bad, and powered by gas / nitro engines. 

Whatever you decide on, you cannot go wrong. Expect years of fun with nitro powered rc monster trucks.

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Buy the OFNA Titan RC Truck

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