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Another fast nitro rc car, the OFNA OB4 has a top speed of 60 mph. Reviews, tips, and a buyer's guide.

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OFNA Racing


Nitro R/C cars are getting faster than ever. It seems that companies are now using top speeds as a selling point for their 1/10th nitro touring cars.

Leading the pack is the OFNA OB4. This is a belt driven 1/10 nitro powered touring car powered by a .12 Force engine with pull-start. Other goodies include a tuned pipe, 2-speed transmission, full ball bearings, oil filled shocks, rubber racing tires, and a good Airtronics Blazer Sport radio control system.

Pictures and Images

The OFNA OB4 is a great looking on-road R/C touring car. Below is the image of the racing chassis...

OFNA OB4 Chassis Picture
OFNA Racing

More information and images can be found at the official OFNA website. Visit their site to learn more, then come back to RCCarTips.com for the reviews and buyer's guide.

Reviews and Feedback

Here are some positive reviews of the OB4 and feedback from the OFNA forum...

I've been running the OB4 Pro for two seasons now (outdoor parking lot club races) and it's been great.


I've had my OB4 for three years now, It's gotta be one of the toughest cars that I have, never given me a problem. The engine finally went after 5 or 6 gallons.


yes, i have 2 of them, you will have to buy a spring kit though. yellow on front, blue on rear. 60wt front 40wt rear. this car, pro version anyway, is tough, but i can break anything by hitting the boards at 45mph. keep it as low as possible, torque roll is vicious!!!


Where To Buy

Here is a link to a popular online rc hobby shop where you can buy this model.

OFNA OB4 for Sale

P.S. OFNA is a well known company that sells good racing cars at a cheap / affordable price, usually cheaper than other similar R/C models of competitors.

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