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The newest contender in the fast nitro touring cars class is the 1/10 OFNA LD3 RTR. Let us see how it compares to the competition.

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The 1/10 OFNA LD3 RTR is a radio controlled shaft driven, 4 wheel drive nitro powered touring car. As you can see from the picture, it comes with Force .12 nitro engine and a polished 6 ring tuned pipe for maximum power. It also has a two speed transmission to give awesome acceleration, then shifts to a higher gear for ultimate top speed.

To complete the package is a full ball bearing set, oil filled shocks, front CVA's, ventilated disk brakes, slide carburetor, 3 shoe clutch, and gear diffs.


By just looking at the picture you can see that this is a serious racing car. It's major competition would be the Associated Nitro TC3.

There are two versions of the kit. There is a single speed version with pull start (34701), and a two speed version with pull start and fail safe (34702).

UPDATE: There is now third version (34700) that comes with a power start mechanism.

Reviews and Feedback

Here are some positive reviews and feedback from the OFNA Racing forum message board.

There are no major issues with the car. It holds together better than a TC3.
~ soslo, OFNA Moderator

The LD3 is a great car.
One thing, make sure you loctite everything (probably already know that but I don't think it can be repeated enough). I did everything but I missed the allen screw for the brake servo arm and wouldn't ya know it, that's the one that came loose. ~

Just to let ya'll know, OFNA sure made one tough car. I wrecked my LD3 RTR today and didn't break not a single thing. I was doing some tuning with the body off (I know that's a no no), hit a rock in the parking lot and flipped it 3 feet into the air after hitting a curb. It finally landed in the grass right side up and still running. I have a HPI RS43 SS and can't say that it would hold up like that. Oh, and I was running at WOT. So it was running 40+ when it happenned. I want to commend OFNA on a very durable and reliable car. ow I will be an OFNA fan for life. ~ vegasblkhead

Ive had some pretty big hits.. I have ripped a Ld3 Pro arm off in one solid hit at almost full speed, got me stuffed how the shock was ok (this is with a Sirio .12 engine, not the "RTR" powerhouse ehehe) and had some other pretty big hits (busted 3 CVA's so far) but yeah, she takes a flogging the LD3.. Hong Nor sure made a champion car . (My mate has a Ultra buggy and its pretty sad) I am so impressed with my LD3 pro I purchased the LD3 Standard also :) ~ Nightmare

I have an ld3 with the 2 speed and the force 12 and I really like it a lot. But to be honest the force .12 isn't all that much to brag about it is an ok engine. It is a little picky at times to say the least but when tuned properly is competitive. Id say that you should go with the ld3 if for no other reason but to be different than the crowd so many people run ntc3's. their are tons of engine options many at reasonable prices that you will be more than pleased. ~ Dragus1

Where To Buy

OFNA LD3 For Sale
OFNA LD3 Nitro RC Car. Photo credit: OFNA Racing

Here is a link to a popular online rc hobby shop that sells the OFNA LD3 RTR (34700). This is the 2-speed version with a fail safe and Power Start.

OFNA LD3 RTR for Sale

P.S. If you have been thinking of owning a nitro rc car, and would like to be different from the crowd of TC3's and Yokomo's, try the OFNA.

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