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1/8 Off-Road Gas RC Buggies Buyer's Guide

Latest 2012 models, top speeds, world champions and price comparison.

 Mugen MBX6R Gas Buggy Buy
Mugen MBX 6R
Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI 2 Gas RC Buggy Buy
Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI 2
Hotbodies HB D8 Gas RC Buggy Buy
HotBodies HB D8
Serpent S811 Cobra Gas RC Buggy Buy
Serpent S811 Cobra
Losi 8ight gas rc buggy buy
Losi 8IGHT 2.0

Durango DNX 408 v2 Gas RC Buggy
Durango DNX 408 V2
XRay XB9 Tamiya 801X OFNA Hyper 9 Pro
Caster ZX1.5 Pro Duratrax Raze CEN Matrix Factory

Top Speed of Gas RC Buggies

Here are acceleration and top speed results as tested by Xtreme RC Magazine. Tops speeds over 40 mph.

Top Speed Gas RC Buggies

1/8 IFMAR World Championship Results - Gas RC Buggy

Legend: Car / Engine / Tires / Driver


2010 IFMAR Worlds 1/8 Gas Buggy

2008 IFMAR Worlds 1/8 Gas Buggy

Champion Kyosho / Orion / AKA / Cody King Hot Bodies / O.S. / Pro-Line / Atsushi Hara
2nd Hot Bodies / O.S. / Hot Bodies / Atsushi Hara Losi / GRP / Pro-Line / Mike Truhe
3rd Kyosho / Orion / AKA / Jared Tebo Mugen / Ninja / Pro-Line / Renaud Savoya
4th Mugen / Ninja / AKA / Kyle McBride  / O.S. / Pro-Line / Jared Tebo
5th Serpent / RB / P-L / Billy Easton AE / Reedy / JC / Ryan Maifield
6th HoBao / Werks / AKA / Jeremy Kortz Jammin / O.S. / Pro-Line / Taylor James
7th Losi / Novarossi / Losi / Adam Drake Hot Bodies / O.S. / AKA / Ty Tessman
8th AE / Novarossi / P-L / Robert Battle HoBao / GRP / GRP / Robert Battle
9th LRP / LRP / JConcepts / Jorn Neumann Kyosho / Sirio / AKA / Cody King
10th AE / Orion / P-L / Ryan Cavalieri Hot Bodies / GRP / Pro-Line / Jesse Robbers
11th AE / Reedy / JConcepts / Ryan Maifield AE / Orion / Pro-Line / Ryan Cavalieri
12th Mugen / RB / P-L / Renaud Savoya Hot Bodies / Ninja / Pro-Line / Travis Amezcua

Popular Brands and Models On Sale

Companies such as Associated, Caster, CEN, Duratrax, Hot Bodies, Kyosho, Losi, Mugen, OFNA, Serpent, Tamiya and XRAY are well known for producing race competitive 1/8 gas buggies. Below are the best buggies for sale online.

Popular are the Associated RC8B, Hot Bodies D8, Losi 8ight, Mugen Seiki MBX6, OFNA Hyper 9e. Below are estimated sale prices in USD.

1/8 Gas Powered Buggies For Sale

So far the Kyosho Inferno/MP has dominated the world championships. Other winners are Mugen MBX5 and HotBodies D8.

Year Car Engine
1986 Yankee 86 Cipolla
1988 Garbo Roadfighter Mantua T4
1990 Mugen Super Sport Nova
1992 Kyosho Inferno OS
1994 Kyosho Turbo Inferno OS
1996 Kyosho MP-5 Picoo
1998 Kyosho MP-5 EVO R&B
2000 Kyosho MP 7.5 RB S7
2002 Kyosho MP 7.5 OS RZ V01B
2004 Mugen MBX 5 RB WS 7II
2006 Kyosho MP777 OS V-Spec
2008 HotBodies D8 OS V-Spec
2010 Kyosho MP9 TKI2 Orion ABI

1/8 Gas RC Buggy Part - Fuel, Engine, Tires

Fuel Engine Tires
Byron Nova AKA
Cosmo O.S. Hot Bodies
Nitrotane Orion JConcepts
Rapicon Ninja Losi
Sidewinder RB Proline
Tornado Alpha  
Werks SH, Reedy, LRP, Go, Picco, Sirio, GRP, JS, Max  

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Where to Buy Off-Road Gas Buggies

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