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1/10 Kyosho Fazer Gas Powered (GP)

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The 1/10th scale kyosho PureTen Fazer GP is good for beginners to intermediate hobbyists. Beautiful factory licensed body shells and simple chassis design makes this model stand out from others.

Nitro RC Car Kyosho Fazer

This radio control car comes fully factory assembled with a Kyosho KT-6 transmitter, GZ-15 engine with recoil starter and aluminum tuned pipe.

Nitro RC Car Kyosho Fazer Specifications

A low maintenance shaft drive system is great for beginners. The GZ-15 has a low-profile cooling head for better handling. High grip racing tires, 75cc fuel tank with primer, 18 ball bearings, oil filled shocks, 2 shoe clutch, foam bumper and sealed radio box round off this package.

The only items you need to buy separately are batteries (for Tx and Rx), D-cell alkaline batteries for the glow igniter and 15 - 30% nitro fuel.

Download the Kyosho Fazer product catalog in Acrobat PDF.

Here's a video on how fun the Fazer Gas Powered r/c car is. Parking lot bashing and in-car camera to give you an idea of how fast it goes. Made by a couple of young kids.

More information and body shells can be found at the official Kyosho website. Visit their site to learn more, then come back to for the reviews and buyer's guide.

Reviews and Feedback

I got the Aston Martin DBR9 for christmas, it is extremely fast, the handeling is good but isn't the best, it is extremely sensertive, you move the wheel abit and its turning, I would fully recommened getting it, just get youst to it first and try not to crash it, I've crashed mine many times and the bodies abit messed up now. it is very easy to start with the pull start, it lasts a good 20 mins with a full tank of fuel and the air filter gets dirty quickly but is easy to clean... ~ Alex Palfreyma on

Hi I have a kyosho fazer and its prity great but Iv been recently having problems with mine there are lots of replacement parts and it's very fast I also have another kyosho and never had problems with it. ~ Bruno on

i've had both and the hpi is gd but not worth the money the kyosho fazer is much better, its just as quicker and much more fun, parts ar cheap and all gd fun. ~ nobster49 at

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Where to Buy Nitro RC Cars

You can buy the 1/10 Kyosho Fazer GP at your local hobby shop or try the rc store page. Sale price is around $249. If you are shoppping around, visit the Nitro RC Cars main page for more models and information.

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