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Nitro F1 RC Car - Custom Homebuilt Project

Back in the 1990's I wanted to have a 1/10 scale nitro powered Formula One r/c car. However I could not find such a model from any of the manufacturers or hobby shops. I decided to build my own.

Nitro F1 RC Car

Photo: Top view of my homemade 1/10 scale nitro powered f1 rc car. Body is a 1/10 Tamiya Williams.

Nitro Formula One RC Car Chassis

Photo: The chassis was taken from a 1/10 RC10 off road buggy graphite chassis. The engine, ,rear transmission and suspension from a 1/10 Kyosho Nitro Rampage. The front arms from an Associated RC10 off road buggy.

Nitro F1 RC Car Kyosho

I chose the Kyosho Rampage as the layout had the engine centered on the chassis. Important to me was to hide the engine head. Unfortunately the muffle was sticking out making is look more like an F2 or lower class formula car.

Nitro Radio Control F1 Homebuilt

The fuel tank was a little too big and stuck out of the sidepod. But it did make refuelling easy.

F1 Nitro RC Car Homemade

I think it turned out pretty good for a home made custom project car. Things to improve are wider rear tires, rubber front tires, and how to hide the muffler and fuel tank.

Remote Control Formula 1 Nitro Custom Car

Recently I saw the 1/10 Kyosho KF01 nitro rc car. It looked so good it reminded me of my own project car above. So I scanned some old photos and created this webpage.

I am now excited to again create a better 1/10 scale Formula One nitro rc car. Wish me luck!

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