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Mugen Seiki MBX5 Gas Buggy

The Mugen MBX5 a true gas powered 1/8 off-road racing buggy. It is designed to compete for the 1/8 IFMAR Off-Road World Championships against the dominant Kyosho buggies.

Learn more about the Mugen Seiki MBX5. Reviews, pictures, and buyer's guide to buying a Mugen MBX5 online.
Mugen MBX5 Buyer's Guide

About the Mugen Seiki MBX5

This is a racing kit designed from the ground up to win the World Championships. As such, this r/c model does not include the engine, manifold, and tuned pipe. This gives you, the racer, the option to choose your own power plant and exhaust system.

Pictures of the Mugen MBX5

Here are some pictures from the official website of Mugen. Please visit their website for more images.

The front view...

Mugen MBX5 Front View

Without the body shell...

Mugen MBX5 Top View

Reviews of the Mugen MBX5

Here are some highlights of R/C Car Magazine's review of the Mugen MBX5...

"The MBX5 is very quick..."

"The dual disk brake setup is top-rate..."

"The new chassis and suspension geometry really help make the X5 a cornering beast."

"We were doing 30 mph four-wheel drifts..."

"The X5 feels right at home in the air..."

"... very well built and the material used are very tough."

Online Buyer's Guide

You can buy 1/8 scale gas buggies like the Mugen MBX 5 from your local hobby store. You can also buy this model kit online.

To buy from a trustworthy online r/c hobby shop, simply click on the link below:

Buy the Mugen MBX-5 Online

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More pictures and information can be found from the official Mugen MBX5 website.

Technical Specs

19 x 12.1 inches
7.5 lbs w/o fuel
Shaft driven 4wd
Steel ball bearings
Aluminum shocks
Pro-line tires

Racing News

TQ at 2003 European Championship

TQ & Winning at 2003 Japan Championship

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