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Mini RC Cars - Mini Z, Micro, Nitro, Drift, Electric

Here are the best, cheap and fast mini remote controlled rc cars. Popular is the Kyosho Mini Z. Also a long time favorite for playing and racing are the Tamiya M-chassis mini rc cars.

Mini R/C Car

Photo of my mini BMW r/c car next to the real thing.

Update:Mini 4wd radio control cars.

1/18th Scale Mini RC Buggies

MIWI Gas Buggy RC18B Mini Buggy Yokomo MB4 Mini Buggy

1/18th Mini RC Trucks

CEN Mini Madness Losi mini rc truck Mini rc monster truck

1/28th Scale Mini-Z RC Cars

Update: The new Kyosho Mini-Z 4wd, photos and resources.

The latest craze to hit the hobby, fast mini rc cars and exciting micro rc cars offer racing fun at small places. Due to their small size, racing tracks can be built inside rooms and garages. And do not let the small size fool you; the fast 1/24th scale Tamiya Tamtech is capable of speeds over 20mph, without any modifications.

Photo of Enzo Ferrari mini rc car.

Mini RC Cars

Small-scale cars are not new. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Kyosho introduced the Baja bugs and Tamiya the Tamtech cars. However, probably due to the still rising popularity of the larger models, these small-scale cars did not become popular. 

Today is a different matter. Probably because of the rising costs of racing 1/8th and 1/10th scale, and the lack of places to play these cars on, the small-scale cars provide a good alternative. 

Four to six of these small cars can be raced in a garage or small street. Below is a picture of the Kyosho Mini-Z cup, where mini rc cars are raced competitively.

Mini RC Cars Racing
Photo credit: Kyosho

The most popular are the 1/24th scale Kyosho Mini-Z and the 1/18th scale HPI Micro RS4 RTR.

Kyosho Mini-Z

micro rc car from kyosho, the mini-zKyosho Mini-Z
Length: 5.1 in (130mm) • Width: 2.6 in (65mm) Height: 2.2 in (56.5mm) • Minimum Turn Radius: 7.9 in (200mm)

To learn more about the Kyosho Mini-Z mini rc cars...
All about the Kyosho Mini-Z

Own a Kyosho Mini-Z Today! Better yet, buy a couple of Mini Zs and race indoors or outdoors with your family or friends. Hurry, buy now and avoid the Christmas rush.

Buy a Kyosho Mini-Z RC Car Online

P.S. These are also perfect Christmas gifts. Small size allows you to play and race indoors.

Picture of Enzo Ferrari mini rc car, Kyosho Mini-Z.
Enzo Ferrari Mini RC Car

Picture of Williams F1 mini rc car, Kyosho mini-z.
Williams F1 Mini RC Car

Picture of BMW X5 mini rc car, Kyosho mini-z.
BMW X5 Mini RC Car


HPI Micro RS4
This is the popular 1/18th scale electric mini car from HPI. It has 4-wheel drive and full ball bearings.

micro rc car from hpi

HPI Micro RS4 Ready to Run BMW, Chevy, and Nissan Skyline

The HPI Micro RS4 is a 1/18 scale electric rc car. The ready-to-run ( rtr ) micro rs4 comes complete with radio control system... all you need to start playing. And at a street price of around $224 USD, these are good deals!

(Note: the ready to run version is more expensive than the plain kit version because it comes with a radio control system and speed controller. The plain kit version is only the car... you will have to provide your own radio control system and speed controller.)

Beginners are advised to buy the ready to run versions... 

Picture of micro rc car.
Pic of micro rc car.
HPI Micro RS4 RTR Chevy C5

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