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Mini RC Monster Truck

When I was in Hong Kong for the 2004 Tamiya Asia Cup, I bought
a 1/20 scale, electric powered mini rc monster truck. It had 4 wheel
drive, fully proportional steering, and had an electronic speed control.
Top speed is around 10mph, fast enough for its size.

About the Mini RC Monster Truck

Ironic isn't it? When we think of monster trucks, we think big, massive, monster machines. But here we have a mini rc monster truck!

The model I bought was ready to run. I simply bought 6 AA rechargeable batteries to power the truck, and 8 AA's for the transmitter. This electric powered mini rc monster truck had a good torque motor. In fact, if you reverse then accelerate forward, sometimes it pulls a wheelie.

It's a very fun toy. Forward and reverse electronic speed control, fully proportional steering, and link type suspension allows this small truck to run on rough terrains and even take ramps and jumps with ease. This is one model in my collection that I really enjoy playing with. In fact, I have it displayed on my desk, next to the computer I use to write this webpage.

I have not taken any pictures yet, so the photo above is of another brand, but the truck itself is virtually identical.

Buy the Mini RC Monster Truck

I saw this mini rc monster truck for sale at an online hobby shop. Below is the link to the shopping page.

Click here now to buy a mini rc monster truck Last time I checked the online hobby shop was offering free shipping.

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