Tamiya Mini RC Cars

Tamiya M04 M-Chassis Mini R/C Car

One of my favorite mini r/c car is the Tamiya M04M Mazda Miata. I've owned this car since 2004 and race it even today (2010). It is a 1/10 scale, rear wheel drive (rwd) replica of the Mazda Miata. The body is in bad shape, so I also bought an Alfa Romeo Guilia GTA body (see photo below).

Photo of Tamiya M04M Mini R/C Car

What I like about Tamiya minis (also called m-chassis) is they are simple, cheap and look like real cars. This is also one of the most popular racing class since the 1990s. I've travelled to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand just to race these mini rc cars.

Below is the photo of the chassis. I use Tamiya S-Grip tires in the rear and M-Grip tires on front. Very soft springs in the rear, very hard in the front. Novak GTX esc, Futaba servo and Tamiya Sport Tuned motor.

Photo of Tamiya M04m Chassis w/ Sport Tuned Motor

Tamiya M04 Mini Tuning Tips

Here are some tips to help you enjoy and go faster with your M04 mini rc car.

  • Put very sticky or grippy tire in the rear. For asphalt I use Tamiya S-grip radials.
  • Put less grip tires in front. I use the Tamiya M-grip radials.
  • I use rubber tire Traction Compound (NASA brand) to get more grip.
  • Very hard springs in front, very soft springs in the rear.
  • The optional 2 degree rear toe in hub is a must buy.
  • Weight balance is important. Install your electrics to balance the car.

Tamiya M04M Weight Balance

Above is the weight balance of my M04m with either a Lipo battery or a 1600SP Nicad battery. 

I recently won the 2009 Futaba Cup Mini Class against good competition from Tamiya M03s and M05s. Despite being an old model, it is still capable of winning races. Hope these tips help you win your races!

2009 Futaba Cup Mini R/C Car Winners

That's me in the white shirt. Background is a large indoor asphalt on-road rc track called JP Raceway.

Have fun racing!

P.S. Here is a list of Online R/C Hobby Shops where you can buy Tamiya mini rc cars should you have no local hobby shop nearby.

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