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1/18 Nanda NRX-18 Mini R/C Car

Mini RC Car Nanda NRX-18

Photo above: The Nanda NRX-18 comes with a beautifully painted and detailed rc touring car body.

If you're looking for a cheap ready-to-run radio control car, I highly recommend the Nanda NRX-18. It was designed by Masaaki Hirosaka, the father and mechanic of 14 time World Champion Masami Hirosaka.

1/18 Nanda NRX TC Chassis

Photo above: The 1/18th scale Nanda TC chassis.

This mini rc car is a shaft drive 4wd design with fully independent suspension, coil over friction shock absorbers, front and rear gear differentials, full ball bearings, universal driveshafts and rubber racing tires.

Nanda NRX-18 RTR Radio Control Car

Photo above: The Nanda NRX-18 RTR radio control car comes with everything you need out of the box.

Comes complete with a radio controller, eletronic speed control, 6v battery pack and battery charger. All you need to buy is 8 AA-size batteries for the transmitter.

Mini RC Cars - Losi, Kyosho, Tamiya, Nanda

Photo: 1/36 Losi Micro-T, 1/27 Kyosho Mini-Z, 1/24 Tamiya Tamtech and 1/18 Nanda NRX-18. 

1/18 Nanda Mini RC Touring Car

Picture: Above is the 1/18 Nanda NRX next to a 1/10 electric touring car.

Nanda NRX-18 Mini RC Car Review

Out of the box the performance of the Nanda is very good. Handles like a 1/10 scale electric powered touring car. A single battery charge would last around 30 minutes. However, I limited my runs to 5 minutes maximum per run as the motor felt hot.


  • Cheap price
  • Beautifully painted rc body
  • Good handling out of the box
  • Fast for its size
  • Good electronic speed control and steering servo
  • Full ball bearings

Needs Improvement

  • Motor gets hot after only 5 minutes
  • Ugly antennae
  • Could not remove the tires from the axle
  • Not popularly sold in hobby shops
  • Cannot change the gear ratio

I tried to hide the receiver antennae under the body, but reception was limited to 5 feet. When I put the long black antennae, I was able to drive the Nanda on a big 1/10 scale indoor asphalt racing track.

This mini rc car is well designed. You can adjust rear toe-in and front/rear droop for optimal handling.

Best part is the small size allows you to play inside your garage. Here is a video showing the Nanda NRX-18 to be almost as fast as the 1/10 Tamiya F1 inside a tight garage r/c track.

To conclude, the Nanda NRX-18 at around $114 USD is one of the cheapest and easiest way to get started in the hobby of radio control cars. Don't let the cheap price fool you, this is a hobby grade quality model designed by a top mechanic in the rc world.

Buy it today at your local hobby shop or online rc stores.

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