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Vol 1, Issue 25        Subscribers: 1,723        November 26, 2003


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Hello to all my subscribers. Last week, I focused on the small,
electric powered Kyosho Mini-Z because it is winter, and the
best place to play is indoors.

To keep up with the indoor theme, Team Losi has come out with
the Mini-T. It is a 1/18 scale version of its 1/10 scale XXX-T
electric off-road truck.

Good news, when I checked my favorite online rc store, is that
the Losi Mini-T is now available. I suggest you buy yours today,
as I think this will be a very popular and sought after Christmas

Page about Team Losi

Page about the Losi Mini-T

Buy it today!


P.S. The Christmas rush is on! Hurry and buy now before these
mini rc trucks go out of stock.



Reader's Question:
Hi !

While shopping for an ESC, I came across terms like : 
Forward Current, Break Current, Peak Current, PWM
Frequency, BEC Voltage and ON-resistance. What are the
meaning of those terms ? What should I look into while shopping
for an ESC ?


Zulzahrin ZULKIFLI


Hi Zulzahrin. How are things in your country, especially with
your new prime minister?

Getting to your question, I am slightly embarrassed because despite
being in the hobby for a long time, and having a degree in Electrical
Engineering (Manhattan College, New York, USA, 1992), your
question had me thinking and scrambling to look for answers.

Here is how I understand the terminology:

Forward Current
Most racing speed controls have only forward capability. Forward
current would indicate the capability of the speed control to provide
electrical power (i.e. current) to the motor. Example, a 300 Amps
speed control is better than a 200 Amps speed control.

Break Current
I really do not know what this means. But I suspect it may be
"Brake Current." In this case I would think it would be associated
to how hard an electronic speed control can brake a motor. The
higher the brake current, the more stopping power.

Peak Current
The amount of current the your electronic speed control can
handle for a very short period of time.

PWM Frequency
I honestly do not know. I suspect this means Pulse Wave Modulation?
If someone does know what this means, please email me, and I
will publish the answer next week.

I think this has effect on the power of the ESC. A low frequency
(60Hz) ESC has a feel of high power or punch at low speeds.
A high frequency (4000Hz) ESC provides smoother throttle
response, but may feel "soft" or lack "punch."

BEC Voltage
My understanding is that this is the voltage supplied by the ESC
to power the receiver. Example, the 7.2 volt battery goes into
the ESC, and most of the power goes out the 2 thick wires
connected to the motor. This battery also provides about 6 volts
of electricity to the receiver (via the 3 wires going to the channel
2 slot on the receiver).

In general, the lower the on-resistance, the more power is delivered
to the motor. Look for a speed control with very low on-resistance.
My Tekin 411P, which I bought in the early 90's, has a voltage
drop of .0025 Ohm. I think the better term for voltage drop is
on-resistance, since Ohm is a measure of resistance and not

Hope I was able to answer, at least some, of your questions.




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Again, many thanks.



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