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Losi RC Cars

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Losi RC Cars

Team Losi has produced many world championship winning radio control cars and trucks. Also makes and sells some of the best mini and micro sized rc car and truck that you can play and race in small spaces. At less that $100 USD these are cheap remote controlled cars.

Losi RC Cars

Radio Control Cars and Trucks of Team Losi

Team Losi won the IFMAR 2003 4wd World Championship with the XXX-4 electric off-road buggy. Their 2wd electric rc buggy came in second place in the 2wd category.

Losi Electric RC Cars and Trucks

The quality of Losi electric powered rc cars is second to none. They are made for racing and winning World Championships. Below are estimated selling price in USD. Buy yours today.

Electric RC Cars and Trucks by Team Losi

Recently, the company release the new Losi Mini-T mini rc truck. This small 1/18 scale electric powered off-road truck will surely create a new craze in the rc hobby. Imagine the possibility of creating a small off-road track in your garden, and racing with friends.

Losi Nitro RC Cars and Trucks

Although well known for their electric rc cars, Team Losi has also successfully created fast nitro powered rc cars and trucks such as the XXX-NT (nitro truck). These are among the fastest nitro rc models in the hobby today.

Nitro Powered RC Cars and Trucks by Team Losi

Where To Buy Losi RC Cars and Trucks

You will never regret buying a Losi radio control car or truck. They are high quality products that are also fun to play with.

Visit the rc store section of this website where you can buy rc models, including the Mini-T. Buy them online, and have the products shipped to your door, hassle free!

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