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A 7.4v rc lipo battery provides a lot of power, is lightweight, and requires almost no maintenance to keep running with power. Just charge, play, let it cool down, then charge again. You can get over 1,000 charge cycles and still have good power.

My personal favorites are the Orion 3600/28C LIPO, Platinum 4800, and HiEngery 5000/30c lipo batteries. These are high quality brands at a very reasonable price.

As for Lipo chargers, the cheap models do a good, if not better job, than expensive ones. For example, my cheap Imax B5 charges my lipos as well as my more expensive LRP 3 lipo charger.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of specs, pictures and review. Also links to where you can buy lipo batteries for sale online.

Lipo Batteries Performance Specs and Pictures

 Specs Orion 3600/28C Hi Energy 5000/30c
Pictures Lipo Battery Review Lipo Battery 30c
Battery Power    
Average Volts 7.48 volts 7.83 volts
Weight 240 grams 310 grams
Power to weight 0.031 volts/gram 0.025 volts/gram

Brand Review of the Hi Energy 5000 30C Lipo Battery

For high powered use such as 1/10 4wd touring cars, the Hi Energy 5000 30c lipo battery is significantly stronger than my Orion 3600 25c. The high capacity and 30c rating gives a strong punch over a 5 minute race.

Lipo Picture
High Energy Brand. Photo: RCCartips Website

Other high powered 7.4v rc lipo battery brands are Thunderpower, SMC and Orion. My Orion 3600 packs have taken a beating and still perform very well especially on short tracks. Maybe it is made by Kokam, a high quality brand manufacturer of lipo batteries.

Last note, it is important to use high quality battery connectors such as Dean's Ultra plugs (not the cheap imitations). The connection between the battery and lipo charger must be tight in order for the charger to accurately detect the voltage and will prevent overcharging. NOTE: cheap or loose battery connectors may result in overcharging and damage to your lipo pack. For safety, charge in an rc lipo sack. 


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