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Kyosho Mini-Z Steering Repair

A common problem with the original Kyosho Mini-Z is the steering. Usually the potentiometer gets dirty or the gears simply get worn out. And it's very difficult to find spare parts to repair this.

Rather than let a good micro rc car go waste, I decided to replace the original Kyosho Mini Z steering mechanism with a micro servo.

Disclaimer: Please note this tip is to give you ideas. I do not guarantee this will work for you nor am responsible for any damages to your r/c car.

Step 1: Find a micro servo small enough to fit into the Kyosho Mini-Z chassis. Preferrably a fast response micro servo.

Kyosho Mini Z Steering Repair

Step 2: Open the broken Mini-Z steering mechanism and look at the parts. Note the wiring to the motor and potentiometer. Red and black to motor, green and orange to potentiometer (i.e. pot).

Kyosho Mini Z Steering Parts

Step 3: Open the micro servo. Inside is a motor, potentiometer and circuit board. Remove the circuit control board, this will not be needed.

Micro Servo Parts

Step 4: Compare the micro servo potentiometer and the Kyosho Mini-Z pot to note the wiring sequence. Note the left and center tabs are shorted.

Kyosho Mini-Z Steering Pot

Step 5: Wire the micro servo to the Kyosho Mini-Z control board. Remember to re-install the lower casing of the micro servo.

Micro Servo on a Kyosho Mini-Z RC Car

Step 6: Attach the micro servo to the Kyosho Mini-Z chassis and create steering links using metal wires. Here I used allen wrenches and a paper clip.

Kyosho Mini-Z Steering Modification 

Kyosho Mini Z Steering Servo Mod

Hope this tip gives you ideas on how to repair your old Kyosho Mini-Z and get it back on track.

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