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Jilles Groskamp Tamiya 417x Worlds Setup

Using a software called RC Crew Chief 2012 of Bob Wright, I analyzed the Tamiya 417x setup that Jilles Groskamp used to become the IFMAR 2012 Touring Car Champion.

First, I visited the software website and downloaded the Tamiya 417x chassis, car and Groskamp 2012 files. Then imported them in the various tabs of the software.

Here is how the IFMAR 2012 TC winning Tamiya 417x behaves braking into the corner, mid corner and acceleration on corner exit. Click on image to enlarge.

Tamiya 417x 2012 World Champion Cornering Analysis

Weight Balance Analysis

Of interest to me is the weight distribution on the tires as the rc car navigates around a right hand corner. Theory states maximum corner speed is achieved when both inner and outer tires share the load. Hence minimizing weight lateral load transfer is desireable.

Looking at above, seems outermost tires are doing most of the cornering work. I am not sure if this is already the best effort to reduce lateral load transfer. But maybe it is given the cornering speeds these 1/10 rc touring cars do. There is no avoiding the lateral weight transfer.

Tamiya 417x 2012 Worlds Setup

Roll center - Rear has a lower roll center than front. Will tend to roll more, but need to look at total roll stiffness to factor in the entire setup (e.g. antiroll bars, spring stiffness).

Ride stiffness - The rear is a little stiffer than front.

Roll stiffness - Seems the car is setup a little loose (front roll softer than rear). But there are other factors such as chassis flex that are not factored into this equation.

Chassis roll sensitivity - Car has tendency to roll 0.94 degrees per 1G of acceleration.

Tamiya 417x Worlds Setup Review

The RC Crew Chief 2012 is very interesting and useful indeed. Helps a racer understand the basics of touring car tuning and how the suspension behaves during cornering. Also allows us to take a peek and understand the setups of the professional drivers and world championship winning cars.

More to come as I gather data and understand the software more.

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