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Import Cars - 70+ mph
Tuned R/C Models

Guide to remote controlled scale models of hot import cars from Japan and other countries. These custom tuned R/C cars can accelerate from 0 - 70+ mph in just 3 seconds... even faster than a Japanese import car.

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Hot Import Cars

The fastest are the 1/8 and 1/10 scale on-road custom nitro cars. The 1/8 models exceed 70 mph, while the 1/10 scale models reach a fast 50 - 60 mph.

OFNA Gas RC Car Import Guide OFNA LD3 RTR
Engine: Force .12
Speed: 40+ mph
Scale: 1/10th Nitro Street Racing

These remote control cars provide the same excitement as the real hot import cars!

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This website has over 170+ pages of custom street r/c car body kits, pictures, models, tuning tips, racing guide, videos, and much more.

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70 mph RC Cars

Associated Nitro TC3
Associated Nitro TC3

HPI Nitro RS4
HPI Nitro RS4

Associated TC3
Associated TC3


Kyosho Mini Z
Kyosho Mini-Z

HPI Micro RS4
HPI Micro RS4

HPI Dash
HPI Dash

HPI Sprint RTR

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