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Ready to Run cars like the HPI Dash are the easiest and cheapest way to get into the hobby of remote control.

HPI Dash

Picture of HPI Dash electric rc car.
Picture of the HPI 1/10 Dash RTR BMW M3 GT Body (T-HPI954)

What is Ready-to-Run (RTR)?

When buying electric rc cars, I would advice beginners to buy RTR or ready-to-run such as the HPI Dash RTR (pictured above). The reason is that hobby quality rc kits are usually sold individually. 

For example, when you buy an rc car kit, you will need to also buy the battery, radio transmitter and controller, chargers, etc.

But good news, RTR kits come almost 100% complete with all the items necessary to run the car.

HPI Racing is a company that produces high quality and fast rc electric cars. I have owned an HPI RS4 mini for the past 5 years... and it is still running with all its original parts (nothing has broken despite numerous crashes).

I therefore strongly recommend HPI racing cars for beginners, especially the ready-to-run rc cars. Less hassle, more playing time. The durability of the cars would also ensure long playing times and enjoyment.

About the HPI Dash

The HPI Dash RTR is a true beginners kit. With a top speed of 12 - 15 mph, this is a good car to start with. Performance and quality is between a toy car and a hobby quality rc car kit.

This car is not "upgradeable." So usually this is a play and practice car since you cannot make it faster.

I recommend this car for first timers. Another car I highly recommend, and is a race quality rc hobby car, is the HPI Sprint RTR. This car has a speed of 22 mph, and can be upgraded to exceed 30 mph.

RC Car Buying Tips

RTR or ready-to-run means that the cars are usually assembled and comes almost complete with all necessary items to run.

However, there are still some things that you might need to buy.

Batteries The radio control transmitter would require 8 AA sized batteries, the receiver 4 AA sized batteries. To save money in the long run, you can buy rechargeable batteries.
Quick Charger The ready to run car comes with a slow battery charger that is plugged into a 110 volt wall outlet. It would usually take 6 hours to charge the 7.2 volt battery pack.

The Quick Charger is an OPTIONAL item you could purchase. The quick charger will usually take only 30 minutes to charge a 7.2 volt battery pack.

Where to Buy the HPI Dash RTR

I highly recommend you buy the HPI Dash from your local hobby shop. They can give you helpful advice in your purchase.

You can also buy the HPI Dash from online hobby shops, for less than $100 USD (but remember the shipping charges, usually $10 - $20). 

Buying online is good if you do not have a local hobby shop, or would like to have an rc car delivered as a gift to someone.

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