Battle of nitro rc monster trucks, the Savage vs. Terra Crusher.
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HPI Savage vs. Tamiya Terra Crusher

HPI Savage vs. Tamiya Terra Crusher

Side by side comparison of two of the hottest 1/8th scale nitro rc monster trucks.

Which is the best rc monster truck? Look at the chart and decide for yourself.

HPI Savage 21 Tamiya Terra Crusher
Scale 1/8 rc monster truck 1/8 rc monster truck
Top speed - 35+ mph
Engine 21BB 18ci
Muffler dual chamber tuned pipe resin muffler
Cooling fan - Yes
Starting mechanism pull start battery starter unit
Chassis rigid aluminum twin plates 2.5mm stamped plate
Transmission 2 speed forward 2 speed forward w/ reverse
Ball bearing full 18 pcs bearing set full 32 pcs bearing set
Drive 4 wheel drive 4 wheel drive
Suspension 17" wide track double wishbone front/rear
Shock absorbers 8 long coil over oil filled plastic oil filled
Brakes fiberglass disc brake ventilated double disk brake
Fuel capacity 160cc 150cc
Body Pre-painted GT-1 truck Pre-painted polycarbonate
Width 426.7mm 440mm
Length 533.4mm 560mm
Weight - 5,700 grams
Radio control 3-channel narrowband AM 2-channel ADSPEC
Street price $375 $389.99
Additional items you need to buy (Glow plug, fuel bottle, glow starter, wrench) $19.99

Nitro fuel - $9.99

(Glow plug, fuel bottle, glow starter, wrench) $19.99

Nitro fuel - $9.99

6-cell battery pack - $7.95

Fast charger - $27.95

Optional items Roto start system - $55

6-cell battery pack - $7.95

Fast charger - $27.95

Reverse module - $45


RC Monster Truck Video Links

Watching the videos of these two nitro rc monster trucks really got me excited about the rc hobby. Download and see why!

Tamiya Terra Crusher

Watch the Terra Crusher jump 5 feet into the air! You will need Microsoft media player.

HPI Savage 21

You will need Quicktime to view the videos.

Which Nitro Remote Controlled Monster Truck is the Best?

The items highlighted in yellow indicates a plus for that particular category. It is a difficult choice.

The Tamiya Terra Crusher comes with battery starter unit to start the nitro engine and comes standard with a 2 speed transmission with a reverse capability.

The HPI Savage 21 does not have the battery starter unit, and uses a pull-start mechanism. It also does not come with a reverse module, but you can buy both the reverse module and the battery starter unit as optional upgrade parts.

The HPI Savage 21 does have its advantages over the Tamiya Terra Crusher. It has a slightly larger and more powerful more that should make it run faster than the Terra Crusher. The dual chamber tuned pipe will also add horsepower.

What it comes down to is your personal preference. Both nitro monster trucks are similarly priced. The HPI Savage is packaged as faster out of the box, while the Tamiya Crusher is packaged as more fun out of the box (because of the reverse module).

Personally, I would buy the Terra Crusher, because I love Tamiya cars and trucks. But don't get me wrong, the HPI Savage 21 is a great deal. 

Bottom line, you get a lot of fun and high tech equipment at an affordable price. Buy one today. Better yet, why not just buy both?

Click here to buy the HPI Savage and Tamiya Terra Crusher Nitro Monster Trucks!

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