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HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3 

Picture of the Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3
About the HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3
Review of the  HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3
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The Nitro RS4 RTR 3 is a nitro rc car from HPI. Here is the HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 remote control car kit.

Picture of the HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Picture of a hpi nitro rs4 rtr car.

Picture copyright by HPI Racing

About the HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3

New design makes the ready to run HPI Nitro RS4 3 even better for parking lot racers.

Shaft Drive Transmission

The new shaft drive transmission provides protection against small pebbles. It also makes maintenance easier.

HPI Nitro RS4 Engine

The 15FE engine is upgraded with an aluminum heat sink head, a one-piece manifold, and composite dual chamber tuned pipe. The result is improved acceleration and higher top speed.

HPI Nitro RS4 TX2 Radio Control System

This narrowband AM transmitter and receiver allows precise control of the nitro RS4. You can play or race with friends by choosing among the 6 available frequencies. Includes a dual rate steering system, very important to make your car handle better.

HPI Nitro RS4 Technical Specifications

1/10th scale : shaft drive : 4 wheel drive : 15FE nitro engine : aluminum countersunk chassis : dual chamber tuned pipe : full ball bearings : Airtronics radio control system : X-pattern rubber tires 

Review of the HPI Nitro RS4

Quality: 5 stars
Speed: 4 stars
Fun Factor: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

Overall rating: 4.5 stars (excellent)

The ready to run kit is high quality. Airtronics radio system, full ball bearing, and tuned pipe are indications of high quality.

At 36 mph stock, this car gets 4 stars. This is fast for a single speed transmission. And if you want more, you can upgrade to a 2-speed transmission and push the speed to 40+ mph.

The looks and design using shaft drive makes this car fun and easy to maintain. Nitro adds realism such as sound, smell, and speed. Definitely a 5 star on the fun factor.

At around $270, complete and ready to run, this is a cheap nitro rc car. A good deal if you ask me.

* 5 stars is the highest
** Review is the personal opinion of www.rccartips.com and does not reflect the opinion of other people.

Testimonials from the Forum of HPI

I just got it a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked for life. My problem is that there aren't a lot of parking lots paved properly so the body I had on it the first time (F-150 Flareside) got destroyed pretty fast. I switched to an Impreza body and now I love it even more. No hop ups yet but I'm gonna hop it during the summer months. Thanks HPI for giving me hour upon hours of enjoyment.


Hey guys. This is my first nitro R/C car and it is great. I have had for almost a year and had very few problems. Only minor things. It is a HPI RS4 RTR 3 with a blue Viper body. It has a 2 speed upgrade, HPI racing clutch, Motor Saver Air filter, fiber disc brake, and a racing fuel tank. Bigger engine and THS tuned pipe on way. Thanks for all the fun hours


I just recently got in to this hobby and it is great! I love hpi and all there products my car is a rtr rs4 3 with some goodies like\
a dynamite 12s engine
hpi 2 speed 
hpi turn buckle set
threaded shocks from hpi 
here are some pics of my car it has a rsx body on it for now but i have done several .

team d&m

Hi guys, this is my first NITRO CAR, its RS4-3 RTR, i did some modification such as a new powerful FANTOM 15RPS, mega nova muffler, 2 speed transmission, shocks, tires, wheels, BMW body and much more, its AMAZZZZZING now (CRAZY FAST) and easy to drive.

THANKS HPI for that fun,


My RS4 3 has been wonderful for me! It handles like a dream and it won 3rd place in the championship race at my local hobby shop, Hobby Town USA of West Chester. I love to race my car at the track weekly. It has been a great hobby for me and I have learned a lot.

From: West Chester, PA

Buy the HPI Nitro RS4 F150 RTR 3

The ready to run kit comes 90% assembled. There are minor items to purchase such as: 12 AA batteries, nitro car fuel, fuel bottle, glow plug igniter, instant glue (CA), and paint for the body.

Buy the HPI 1/10 Nitro RS4 RTR 3 w/F-150 Body


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