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HPI Micro RS4 = Micro size, 20+ mph speeds, 1 hour run times


About the HPI Micro RS4 RTR
Pictures of the HPI Micro RS4 RTR
Review of the HPI Micro RS4 RTR
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Picture of HPI Micro RS4 BMW M3

About the 1/18 Scale HPI Micro RS4 RTR

"Imagine yourself and your friends racing rc cars indoors, in garages, or on the street. You can do this because of the small size of the HPI micro rs4."

The HPI Micro RS4 RTR is a 1/18th scale electric powered rc car that is ready-to-run out of the box. The car has a single belt 4-wheel drive system, making the small car fast yet easy to drive, even for beginners.

The surprising popularity of HPI's micro rs4 is due to its small scale yet fast speeds. Indoor races are now possible... no need to go to a race track.

Buy several models and race with your friends indoors or outdoors!

Picture mini rc cars in an indoor track in a garage.
Picture of my daughter Porsha in my indoor rc track in the garage.

Pictures of HPI RS4 RTR

Pic of hpi rs4 micro HPI Micro RS4 RTR Skyline R34 GT-R
Picture of hpi micro rs4 HPI Micro RS4 RTR BMW M3
Hpi micro rs4 rtr picture. HPI Micro RS4 RTR Chevy C5

Pictures are copyright of HPI Racing.

Review of the HPI Micro RS4

Quality: 5 stars
Speed: 5 stars
Fun Factor: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

Overall rating: 4.75 stars (outstanding)

* 5 stars is the highest
** Review is the personal opinion of www.rccartips.com and does not reflect the opinion of other people.

Review of Micro RS4 Posted on Forums

19 mph out of the box if you buy a 6 cell battery pack to use with it

hopped up, I had mine clocked at 41mph on 8 cells and a speed 400 size motor (50% bigger than a team Orion *big block* motor)



Like 3 people on yourmicro.com has pushed their micros to about 60mph with brushless motors. Does anyone know about the 540 micro conversion? If not u guys should check it out at danmarx.org/micro/540/index.html The conversion allows u to put a 540 motor

zero sk8er


There is actually very little in price between a mini Z and a micro hpi.... both cars can be hopped up nicely, for ultimate performance and tuning then micro is way to go, I feel the mini Z is more of a fun car though saying that there are many clubs in the US that race them successfully... Parts wise the mini Z is cheaper, though speed wise it is easier to increase micro as you can use standard radio gear... to put a really fast motor in a mini Z you need to start messing with electronics adding an aftermarket speed controller add on.



Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the HPI micro rs4?
Around 10 to 20 mph, depending on the weight and using 4AA batteries.

What is best, the Skyline, BMW, or Chevy?
The BMW has a narrow track and long wheelbase. The Skyline has a wider track and same wheelbase as the BMW. Basically buy the model that you best like. (Personally I am a fan of BMW).

Accessories needed?
The kit version requires radio, receiver, steering servo, and electronic speed controller. The ready to run version come complete with all these accessories, it just needs 4AA sized batteries. 

What batteries to use?
Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH AA sized batteries provide good runtimes with excellent power. Using the stock motor, run times can be as long as 1 hour per charge using 1800mAh cells.

Buy the HPI Micro RS4 RTR

At a street price of $224 for ready to run kit, this is a good deal. All you need to buy are rechargeable AA sized batteries (4 for the car, 8 for the transmitter).

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